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AddressMall Street, East Bank, Bitan Scenic Area, Xindian District, New Taipei City
Openingweekdays14:00~22:00 / weekends12:00-22:00


In the “Bitan Scenic Area”, visitors can enjoy the “lake view” in many lakeside restaurants and in the Riverside Marketplace in the sitting area by the river. After picking a restaurant, visitors can enjoy the lake view and fine food at the same time, cozy and relaxing. Behind the restaurant area, there are many installation arts symbolizing romance and love, fun and great for taking pictures! When dining here on weekends, some restaurants will arrange “live music performance” for visitors to immerse themselves with the night charm of Bitan in the influence of music.

There are fun and cute installation artworks, such as the wings that symbolize liberty, the romantic phone booth, Cupid, and the “bell” that witnesses happiness, at lakeside restaurants for visitors to take pictures and check in, suitable for lovers to take pictures to record their romance and witness their love.