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AddressBanqiao Dist.,New Taipei City,Taiwan 249
OpeningBusiness hours of each stall is different, please inquire in advance


Recommendation 1: Hoochuu Breakfast Restaurant
This breakfast restaurant is extremely popular among students and hipsters and has attracted a long queue every day since its opening. In addition, it has been covered by famous food programs. Recommended dishes include: “Toasted Curry Chicken Sarnies” with extra size and extra cheese

Address: No. 118, Jianguo Street, Banqiao District, New Taipei City

Recommendation 2: BREKKIE
In addition to being an Australian slang for breakfast, “Brekkie” is similar to “flying to” in Taiwanese. The house is decorated almost completely Australian, and tokens of Australia are everywhere at the corners and on the walls, such as the Australian map, kangaroos, and koalas. Prices are reasonable and the dining space is large.

Address: No. 38, Alley 3, Lane 270, Section 1, Wenhua Road, Banqiao District, New Taipei City

Recommendation 3: Chatting Kitchen
Located near the Banqiao Railway Station, Chatting Kitchen is very spacious. Besides log tables and chairs, there is a landscape garden that is rarely seen in a city restaurant. In the garden, guests can cozily dine under the parasol amidst the thick tree shed. Prices are a little higher, but the house emphasizes “health diets” in a lighter taste. It is great for guests who like natural ingredients.

Address: No. 115, Hansheng East Road, Banqiao District, New Taipei City

Recommendation 4: Miss Banana
To commemorate those days in South America, the owner names the restaurant “Miss Banana” as the fruit is seen everywhere in South America. The menu includes pastas, risottos, hamburgers, brunches, coffee, tea, smoothies, sparkling drinks, and beers. With the banana as the main ingredient, the house has invented a host of creative banana dishes. There is also the special bread bowl (with cream of mushroom soup inside).

Address: No. 174, Guoguang Road, Banqiao District, New Taipei City