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AddressNo. 90, Shuiliujiao Rd., Pinglin Dist., New Taipei City 232, Taiwan
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This place offers many kinds of tea snacks, and this is also Pinglin’s biggest tea snack shop that produces items such as tea egg rolls, teacakes, square tea biscuits, tea cakes, and tea candies.Tea Leaf Egg RollsCooking in Pinglin often involves infusing traditional dishes with local tea, which makes the food particularly popular among tourists who want to try something new. One of the favorite recent concoctions is tea leaf egg rolls. Like traditional egg rolls they have a rich egg flavor, but as you eat them, you can notice the refreshing taste of tea. As soon as these egg rolls were introduced, tourists flocked to try them. They are now second only to Pouchong tea as the area’s top food souvenir.