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AddressNo.8, Rueifang St., Rueifang Dist., New Taipei City 22441, Taiwan
OpeningOpen09:00(Dining out9:30)-21:00
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Recommended ProductsTofu pudding with taro balls, herbal jelly pudding with taro balls, fresh milk with tofu pudding, tian bu laBaoyun is the name of a 97-year-old grandma who still possesses the beautiful traits of a traditional Taiwanese woman. She was the granddaughter of a scholar; she married and moved to Rui Fang from Yilan, bringing a piece of dowry land and excellent cooking skills with her. It is rumored that taro balls were the results of Grandma Baoyun's excellent cooking skills! Grandma Baoyun's daughter-in-law is currently the boss of "Baoyun Taro Balls Shop", she is friendly, easy-going and enjoys telling her grandmother's story. When Grandma Baoyun was young, she wanted to use her grandfather's farm-grown sweet potatoes, taros and carrots into delicious food items for her customers who came to the then prosperous mining town. Rumor has it that it was then Grandma Baoyun discovered taro balls. When you bite into the taro balls, you will be able to taste taro cubes, this is a pleasant surprise other taro ball sellers cannot imitate. Grandma Baoyun's sweet potato balls are chewy, and taste delicious when you buy them fresh or bring home. When the shop was passed on to her daughter-in-law, Grandma Baoyun's skills were not lost. The new 2nd-generation boss, Auntie, managed to ensure the taro and sweet potato balls still taste the same, and at the same time added new complementing ingredients such as herbal jelly and tofu pudding. These are all new and delicious ways to eat taro balls.