Black Gold Inn(Houtong Gan-a-ba Cat-shaped Pineapple Cake)

Rueifang Taiwanese Food

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AddressNo. 65 Chailiao Road, Guangfu Borough, Ruifang District, New Taipei City
Opening10:00 am - 5:00 pm (weekdays); 10:00 am - 6:00 pm (holidays)


Black Gold Inn is a café. As it has two rooms, it also offers an accommodation service. Ms. Tsai Shuhui, the owner, is the daughter of a miner from Houtong. Out of her fondness for coffee and along with the time when Houtong was about to be transformed into a scenic area with great tourism potential, Tsai returned to her hometown and began to run this café. Tsai's mother sold noodles across from the Houtong Railway Station in an earlier time, and her cooking skills were unquestionable. At the beginning of the operation, however, old-school Mrs. Tsai believed that no one would drink coffee, so she decided to teach Tsai everything she knew about cooking, such as the ham hock rice noodle soup and fried rice. After acquiring these skills, Tsai began to design set meals with these dishes and added dessert and coffee to these meals. In the beginning, the pineapple cake was a free dessert coming with the set meals, and there was only one shape: heart shape. As it looked very cute and tasted good, many customers suggested that she sell the pineapple cake as well. As time went by, she was convinced and even ordered a mold to give pineapple cake a Taiwan appearance. As there was a cat heat in Houtong in that time, she immediately changed the Taiwan shape into the cat shape. Tsai even called that a beautiful accident!Besides enjoying the feeling of being at home in Houtong, Tsai wished to reward locals with her social experience accumulated elsewhere. At the opening of the Houtong Coalmine Ecological Park in 2010, she enthusiastically participated in community activities. As she did not have time to take care of the café, she shut down the café temporarily.