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AddressMinsheng St., Ruifang Dist., New Taipei City (inside the Food Street)
Opening10:30 ~ 19:00 (bi-weekly Tuesday Closed)


Legend has it that Fu Zhou China's "Green onion meat bun" is actually the ancestor of Taiwan's famous pepper bun, and that explains why Taiwan's pepper buns are filled with large quantities of green onions. A long time ago, the people from Fu Zhou brought their "Green onion meat bun" over to Taiwan, and until now, nobody knows if it is because Taiwan's pepper is cheap, or perhaps due to trial and error, or to give the buns a more savory taste, a lot of pepper is added to the original "onion meat buns". All in all, pepper buns have become one of Taiwan's most famous snacks. However, the most interesting thing is that "Fu Zhou" and "pepper" sounds very similar in the Taiwanese dialect. Taipei has many famous pepper bun shops; every one of them has their own loyal supporters. Regardless if it is sunny or rainy, you will find many people patiently waiting in front of the ovens waiting for buns fresh out of the oven. The moment they are given their buns, they cannot help but tear apart the golden brown crust immediately. Immediately, the delicious fragrance of the onion pieces, fresh meat and pepper will reach your nose. Take a big bite, do not worry about scalding your mouth, you have to take one big bite of the crust, meat and Green onion meat bun!The pepper buns sold here are actually made by the daughter of the famous bun maker who owns "Wan Hua Pepper Bun Shop". As you will guess, the pepper buns sold in "Fu Zhou Lin Pepper Bun Shop" are made from a 1st-hand recipe. Eating your buns is definitely one of life's joys, but if you have the opportunity to see how the buns are made, it can be visually moving as well.