Hua Ji Dragon Phoenix Spring Roll

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AddressMinsheng St. Entrance, Ruifang Dist., New Taipei City
Opening08:30 - 22:30 / The shop is closed on Wednesday.
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Recommended ProductsDragon Phoenix Spring Roll, Glutinous Rice SausageHave you been asked what is the most difficult thing when trying to preserve authentic flavors? Some people may say it is the pickiness of customers, some may say it will depend on the determination and dedication of the cook. However, the boss of "Hua Ji Dragon Phoenix Spring Rolls" will say that it is all about the filial piety of your children and modern technology! He had already passed the baton to her children, his children are now the decision makers of the business. Even though the shop sells traditional snacks and treats, you can sense the efforts put in by the boss's children to keep the business on par with modern times!The shop's young boss wears a pair of spectacles and looks very studious; he proudly admits his passion towards dragon phoenix spring rolls. He started sharing the story about how the spring rolls came about: In the early days, Rui Fang was a mining town. People's lives were hard and thus could not afford the luxury of eating chicken drumsticks. Since unaffordable, why not "make" some? So the people then used vegetables, fish paste, oil skin wraps etc to "make" a drumstick. This enabled the poorer folks to enjoy and feel satisfied. The name of the dish is also excellent! It sounds auspicious- dragon and phoenix are in the name. The spring roll was a substitute for chicken drumstick in those times, but now, with the living standards of people improving, real chicken drumsticks are available everywhere and affordable. As such, "Dragon Phoenix Spring Roll", which is only available in Rui Fang, is now more sought after normal chicken drumsticks. The demand for the spring rolls is very high now, so to keep up with the demand, the spring rolls are no longer made into the shape of drum sticks, but into long tube-like sausages.