Jinguashi (Native) Chicken Restaurant

Rueifang Taiwanese Food

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AddressNo.104, Shanjian Rd., Ruifang Dist., New Taipei City 224, Taiwan
Opening11:30 - 20:00 (Tue) Closing Days
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Recommended Productssliced native chicken, dried radish chicken soup, handmade milk nougat, brown sugar cake, walnut candy, catsLocated right on Keelung Mountain, by the Romantic Clearway, this restaurant has been in operation since 1996. The owner's wife has always been the chef, cooking up dishes that are low sodium and less oily. They view their customers' health as a top concern, so the free range native chicken they use are fed only with brown rice and corn, drink water from mountain springs, and contain absolutely no antibiotics.The sliced native chicken here is sweet and with great texture. It's even more delicious when dipped in the special sauce the owner provides. Their dried radish chicken soup is stewed with handmade Hakka dried radish. It's fresh, with no additives whatsoever. The sesame oil chicken rice uses glutinous rice that has been presoaked in rice wine for 6 hours. Sesame oil and ginger are first used to stir-fry the chicken, then the glutinous rice is cooked along with it.