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AddressNo. 106, Jishan St., Ruifang Dist., New Taipei City 224, Taiwan
Opening11:00 - 20:00


Recommended Productsfirst stinky tofu shop in Jiufen, bamboo rice, Taiwanese proverbsJiufen Food Quiz Shop was the first stinky tofu shop ever in Jiufen. Dozens of Taiwanese proverbs are posted on the walls as a way for customers to learn more about traditional Taiwanese wisdom. The wooden couplet on the wall says, "Eat all the world's delicacies; Riddling proverbs show Taiwan's wisdom", explains why the owner named his establishment the "Food Quiz Shop".He was inspired to post these riddles and proverbs up in his store because he has had a lifelong interest in them. Thus, he simply decided to decorate his shop into a proverb classroom. Aside from his extensive knowledge of Taiwanese adages, the owner is also an excellent storyteller, always eager to share a tale or his thorough understanding of special proverbs in the Jiufen region with his customers.The owner explained that people have practically no opportunity to come in contact with Taiwanese culture and folk wisdom in the form of proverbs in today's technological, capitalistic society. This is why he wants to make sure that others can learn about the treasured proverbs our ancestors have left behind. Another intention is so diners have something to talk about as they guess or discuss the meanings of these proverbs, perhaps even reminisce about the ones they once heard from their grandparents. If customers are unsure about the meaning of a certain proverb, the owner is always happy to provide an explanation.In addition to stinky tofu, you can also enjoy piping hot bamboo rice with a plethora of items inside.