Jiufen Jinzhi Hongzao Rouyuan

Rueifang Taiwanese Food

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AddressNo. 112 (with meat), No. 63 (vegetarian), Jishan St., Ruifang Dist., New Taipei City
Openingweekdays 10:00 - 19:30 / weekends 09:30 - 20:00
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Recommended Productsred vinasse rouyuan, vegetarian red vinasse rouyuanOne of the most famous snacks in Jiufen is red vinasse rouyuan. This is a rouyuan containing chunks of meat marinated and fermented with red vinasse. Jiufen Jinzhi Hongzao Rouyuan is an important reason why red vinasse rouyuan has become so well-known in the Jiufen region.Jiufen Jinzhi Hongzao Rouyuan possesses such renown because they are meticulous about each step of the production process and the ingredients they select. Their products are handmade every step of the way, from production, red vinasse fermentation, to placing the meat in rouyuan. They take special care to only begin the red vinasse fermentation process after Autumn, sealing it once the fermentation is complete. The chunks of meat in the rouyuan are top grade shoulder pork. Batches of meat chunks are marinated in red vinasse to give it flavor while making the texture of the meat tender yet chewy. Several spices are also added in the process. The shredded bamboo shoots in the rouyuan are made of fresh bamboo shoots harvested from Zhu Mountain. The skin of the rouyuan is also an involved process, as its perfect, resilient texture comes from a special mixture of tapioca, sweet potato, and long grain rice powder.The soups they serve here also go well with red vinasse rouyuan, such as their meatball soup, four combo meatball soup, jade cuttlefish ball soup, red yeast rice cod fishball soup, and bamboo charcoal ham ball soup.