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AddressNo. 45, Jishan St., Ruifang Dist., New Taipei City
Opening11:00-19:30(Closed on New Year's Eve holiday)
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Recommended Productsbeef noodles, wonton noodles, peanut ice creamThe Jiufen Old Noodle Restaurant was established in 1958 Currently, Mr. Shi is the second generation owner. Although it was not the first noodle restaurant ever in the Jiufen region, it was the first to ever serve beef noodles. Beef noodles have always been a specialty dish of the Jiufen Old Noodle Restaurant.The specialty beef noodles served at the Jiufen Old Noodle Restaurant use stewed beef and beef tendon from Australia. Wonton noodles are also another specialty at the Jiufen Old Noodle Restaurant. In addition, their side dishes are very popular with customers. Most customers will order several side dishes along with some noodles. They have over a dozen types of side dishes, with customer favorites being cheek meat, beef tendon, marinated dried tofu, marinated seaweed, dried fish, and pickled cabbage.The Jiufen Old Noodle Restaurant is located in the first half of Jishan Old Street. The broth used for their beef noodles is prepared through a complicated process. It has to be stewed over a small flame gradually in several stages with rock sugar, a precious mixture of several dozen Chinese medicine reagents, and even several types of fruit.In front of the Jiufen Old Noodle Restaurant, they even sell peanut ice cream, NT$35 per cone. As it is all freshly made, foreign visitors are often enticed to try it. Something worth mentioning is that there is a large pile of change on the noodle stand, divided into stacks of NT$65, NT$35, and NT$15 with instructions in Chinese, English, and Japanese so that visitors can get their own change when they buy peanut ice cream.