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AddressNo. 45 Houtong Road, Houtong Borough, Ruifang District, New Taipei City
Opening11:30 - 19:00 (Reservations are required in the evening to be open)


Recommended ProductsSesame Chicken, Steamed Silky Fowl, Fujian Shark’s Fin Soup (Buddha Jumps Over the Wall), and Winter Melon Soup with ScallopAs to what the restaurant's name suggests, it was the employee's restaurant of Juisan Mining. During the Japanese colonial period, it was called Juisan Dining Hall. After the restoration of Taiwanese rule, it was renamed as Juisanfuli Restaurant. Mr. Yang Chihte, the restaurant owner and present head of Houtong Borough, came to Houtong as a miner when he was a teenage boy. Then, he settled here. Although his father did not come to work here as a miner like him, old Mr. Yang became a hawker selling noodles, such as clear noodle soup. As he cooked really well, and no one had taken over the chef's position of the employee's restaurant, Juisan Mining thus recruited old Mr. Yang as the chef of the restaurant. Besides allowing old Mr. Yang to keep all the profits, Juisan Mining even provided them with accommodation. At that time, employees, miners and their dependents could dine at the employee's restaurant at a very low price. The restaurant also supplied boxed lunches for miners. At about 3 pm to 4 pm, restaurant workers would collect the lunch boxes and wash them. The lunch fee was recorded on the account of those who ordered lunch by means of a punching card. Before distributing the wages every 15 days, accounting staff would deduct the fee from the wages. Therefore, it was very convenient. In the heyday of the mining industry, the owner of Juisan Mining and his family took good care of employees, according to Yang. Besides offering food at a low price and free accommodation, the employer arranged the latest movies for employees.