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AddressNo. 155-3, Dongding Rd., Ruifang Dist., New Taipei City
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Recommended ProductsArt, CollectionArtists who have participated in the artist-in-residence programme at Mountainous Town Museum of Art include Ou Yang Yan-Cheng, Lin Zheng-Wen, Xu Ju-Fu and Ren Xiu-Er. Ou Yang is innovative, focusing on landscape paintings and produces refreshing and fascinating pieces of work. Lin is specialised in making and playing wood bells, which are one of the features that attract visitors for the Mountainous Town Museum of Art. Wood bells have a unique appearance and texture. During a community wood bell hands-on workshop organised by Mountainous Town Museum of Art, local participants from Shuinandong area were touched by the wood bells' sound. Both Xu Ju-Fu and Ren Xiu-Er, as husband and wife who own a ceramic studio ‘Taohongse', often have their artwork displayed at Mountainous Town Museum of Art. Their grey-green ceramic works are smooth and have tiny light spots, representing the humble and down-to-earth local Shuinandong residents.At Mountainous Town Museum of Art, each floor creates different atmosphere.