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AddressNo. 17, Jishan St., Ruifang Dist., New Taipei City
Opening"10:00 - 19:00 "
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The Uncle Fishball was established in 1946, and now is operated by a second generation owner. Currently the shop offers 4 dishes: dry glass noodles, fishball soup, fishball and glass noodles, and dried tofu bun. The star combination at the Uncle Fishball is dry glass noodles with fishball soup.The Uncle Fishball is located in the first half of Jishan Old Street. The entire Uncle Fishball menu is written on a wooden boards, with a blurb explaining dried tofu buns framed on the wall, stating the following: "Fuzhou is known for three types of blades: scissors, cleaver, and straight razor". Of these blades, the cleaver that represents Fuzhou cuisine has gained international prominence. The Fuzhou fishball dried tofu bun is a dish related to Fuzhou buns and meat paste. Fuzhou chefs have been cooking these dishes in Taiwan for a hundred years, and these dishes are especially common in the Keelung area. The Uncle Fishball has been keeping the Fuzhou chef tradition alive for nearly 60 years, making continual innovation so that the dried tofu bun caters more to modern taste buds."Just as the dishes served in the shop have not changed for decades, the decor is also traditional in style. One wall is constructed entirely of brick in the shop. Rather than say that the furnishings are "retro", it seems more like this shop has been frozen in time. If you visit during off-peak hours, it really does feel like you have traveled to the past for a bowl of fishball soup and some dry glass noodles!