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AddressNo. 168, Jishan St., Ruifang Dist., New Taipei City
Opening09:30 - 18:00
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This is the only teahouse in the Jiufen region with a log cabin exterior. The eye-catching "Unforgettable Teahouse" plaque in front of this teahouse makes it extremely easy to recognize. Its address just so happens to be No. "168" (sounds similar to "make a lot of money" in Chinese) on Jishan St., making it one of the requisite spots for those taking wedding photos in Jiufen.This teahouse was converted from a private residence, and it retains the warmth and elegance of a home. Before entering, visitors must change into indoor slippers. The interior is decorated with light colors hardwood panels, with wooden furniture, other wood items, and some interesting rocks. There are a total of three floors. The first floor includes the Japanese room and balcony. The octagonal window next to the Japanese room is adorned with stylish traditional dragon wood carvings. The basement is designed as an interior space that allows visitors to appreciate the view outside through large glass windows, which offer shelter from the elements while not obscuring one's field of vision in any way. The second floor is an airy open space for family or group gatherings.When you lean upon the balcony, you will see Keelung Mountain in the distance to your right and the crowds of Jishan St. close by. A stunning view of the bay lies directly ahead, while to the left you will see SongDe Park, the Daganlin Traditional Residences, and Qingbian Road as it winds downwards. This is a favorite spot for those who frequent Jiufen to relax, as the unhindered view allows one to appreciate the sea and sky on a clear day, the misty dreaminess of an overcast day, the sunset during evening time, and the points of light from the bay at night.The teahouse serves Chinese tea, individual pots of tea, coffee, cold beverages, set meals and more.