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AddressNo. 145 Jishan Street, Ruifang District, New Taiwan
Opening9:00~19:00(Closed on Wednesday)(On weekends, business hours may be extended from 8:00 to 20:00 depending on the situation)


There is an inconspicuous and humble shop situated between two Grandma Lai's Sweet Taro Ball Shops across from the Jiufen Farmers' Association. On the yellow signboard and shop sign, there is the shop's name "Wang's" surrounded by a house-shape pattern in red. Voila, Wang's Gourmet Snacks.Mr. Wang Lienchi, the owner, was born on Qiche Road in Jiufen. In his grandma's time, the shop was a grocery. When the quantity of visitors increased suddenly with the rise of tourism in Jiufen, in 1996, Wang began to display and sell the Taro Glutinous Rice Cake and Herbal Glutinous Rice Cake he had learned from his grandma. Although the shop is a bit far from Jiufen Old Street, its location on Qiche Road is still good because it is right in front of the Tianpantang Bus Stop. In earlier times, visitors travelling to Jiufen would get off the bus at this stop. This was how it survived. Later on, as nearly all visitors only passed by Qiche Road and directly travelled to and from Jiufen from Jishan Street, Wang had no choice but to rent a stall in the old street.