Shanquanshui Handmade Bean Curd Tofu Pudding

Sanxia Taiwanese Food

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AddressNo.149 Minsheng St., Sanxia Dist., New Taipei City 237, Taiwan
Opening09:00-22:00 closed on the first and the forth Tue. of the month


After a trip to the busy market on Sanxia’s Minsheng Street, nothing satisfies the thirsty and weary soul more than a bowl of handmade bean curd made from natural mountain spring water. At the Shanquanshui restaurant desser shop, the bean curd tofu pudding is meticulously prepared to give off a slight aroma that is revealed in the first bite and becomes stronger as one begins to savor the flavor. The bean curd tofu pudding is at its best when you have it with ginger juice, especially on a cool day. When winter is departing but spring has not yet arrived, a bowl of warm, handmade ginger bean curd tofu pudding is the perfect antidote to the cold.