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AddressNo. 6-4, Zhenli Street, Tamsui District, New Taipei City
Opening06:30 - 18:00 / Weekend 06:30 -19:30
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"A gei" is originated from the Japanese fired bean curd, "Aburagei". "The Wenhua A Gei"is served at a place located on Zhenli Street next to Tamkang Senior High School. The A Gei is served here with its natural ingredients of fish paste and green bean noodles stuffed in the fried bean curd and added with a seasoning sauce, it has a special texture that attracts many celebrities and artists; also, it drives the popularity of the shop. From early morning around 3 AM, the owner of the shop needs to cut the bean curd by hand, stuff green bean noodles fried with soy sauce, fried garlic and spices into the bean curd, then seal the opening with freshly made fish paste before steaming them in the pots. The chewy fried bean curds and green bean noodles layered with fish paste create a great texture. The general way to eat A Gei is to dig out the green bean noodles that are fully soaked in the owner's specially made seasoning sauce for a really special taste. Eat with a bowl of fish ball soup, the flavor is really fascinating. During holidays, the shop is packed with people lining up for a bite.