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Premiere of Planets Landing Lighting up the Magical Galaxy New Taipei City Builds a Christmas Planet Theme Park Fun for Everyone

Premiere of Planets Landing Lighting up the Magical Galaxy New Taipei City Builds a Christmas Planet Theme Park Fun for Everyone
News 2018/11/17
Date 2018/11/16 - 2019/01/01
Organizer Tourism and Travel Department, New Taipei City Government
Press Release from the Tourism and Travel Department, New Taipei City Government 2018.11.17
Premiere of Planets Landing
Lighting up the Magical Galaxy
New Taipei City Builds a Christmas Planet Theme Park
Fun for Everyone

[New Taipei City] The 2018 Christmasland held a bustling opening yesterday (16th), where the “Christmas Theme Light Show” at Santa Galaxy (Citizen Plaza) was unforgettable, while the “Golden Star Bridge” and the “Pink Star Bridge” further continued with the popularity of the famous Blue Time Tunnel from last year. The “Magical Galaxy” located at the Banqiao Station Plaza is of equivalent popularity, and has arranged splendid and abundant events for today’s and tomorrow’s afternoons, including a fan meeting with Santa Bear, the Square-Headed Bear family, Siao-Ke, and Machiko, as well as a YOYO singing & dancing show, theater troupe performance, and magic show…etc., aimed to allow children to have fun while watching and playing.

Astonishing Premiere of the Futuristic & Technological “Magical Planet” Light Show
The planets landing premiere today is activated jointly by Secretary-general Yu-Ning Hsu of the New Taipei City Government, lighting interactive artist Jen Lewin from New York, as well as 4 cute little spacemen, lighting up the “Magical Galaxy” at the Banqiao Station Plaza, and inviting on-site public to step on the interactive lighting art - The Pool, as well as to enjoy the light show of the “Magical Planet”. The Tourism and Travel Department of New Taipei City indicated that the gigantic LED sphere of “Magical Planet” is created with the combination of technology and art, where over 100 thousand LEDs light up the ever-changing brilliant lights, which corresponds perfectly to this year’s theme of space and the galaxy. Together with Santa Bear and the Santa Rocket orbiting the star-ring, the absolute futuristic technological magical light show completely seizes the attention of the public on-site.

Magical Galaxy – Recreational Facilities, Landscape Art and Interactive Installations Create the Christmas Planet Theme Park
The most popular part of Christmasland in New Taipei City every year amongst the children is the free recreational facilities; the recreational facilities this year are further combined with landscapes and interactive light installation art, allowing technology and art to blend into the fun, creating brand new experience for the children.

The LED spherical art installation “Magical Planet” is located at Station Plaza close to the end of Wenhua Road. It is hard to see its resplendence during the day, but when the night falls, it is guaranteed to become a spotlight with the splendid light rays. The pathway underneath is open for people to enter, and when entering the center of the sphere, one feels as if they are inside a magical mystery. Starting from now until the end of the event, there will also be splendid magical planet show every hour and half hour between 17:30~22:00 every day, which must not be missed!
The “Colorful Constellation” located in the center of the Magical Galaxy resembles a miniaturized Galaxy, combining the concepts of landscape art and playing. The planet model landscape installation gives children space to climb freely as well as being aesthetical. There are also two luminous seesaws which will conduct light and shadow variations according to the weight displacement that the children may observe while having fun. Meanwhile the colorful constellation is also one of the hot spots for shooting all types of colorful and resplendent internet beautiful girls’ photos.

Moreover, The Pool from New York is created by Jen Lewin – the light interactive installation artist, and this is the first time for it to be displayed in Taiwan. The LEDs are activated to blink through weight sensors, symbolizing the resplendent shooting stars making dreams coming true. The white circular plates resemble the bright stars in outer space, and citizens may jump and step on them to perform a dancing light show exclusive to oneself.

Other than the aforementioned installation, there are also two conventional recreational facilities of the “Space UFO” and “Galaxy Express” at Station Plaza. “Space UFO” is flying equipment for children, allowing each child to ride in a spaceship like Santa Bear to soar in the starry sky for an adventure. The “Galaxy Express” takes children’s happiness and laughter, with Santa Bear as the captain to lead the children in heading towards an interstellar adventure, guiding everyone to soar in the galaxy and space at the most leisurely speed.

Santa Galaxy – Magical “Starry Unicorn”, Trouble-Free “Time-Slide”
After introducing the galaxy, let us return to the Santa Galaxy at the main site of Christmasland. Other than using the white and gold colors with a coating to maintain the quality, the popular recreational facility – “Starry Unicorn” (Merry-Go-Round) which appears every year at Christmasland has transformed the conventional wooden horses into unicorns to enhance the naïve and romantic feeling, allowing all children stepping into the Santa Galaxy to ride on unicorns and set out for the first stop of the interstellar adventure. When it is time to light up the lights, the Starry Unicorn giving off a golden majestic manner in the dark night makes one feel as if they are inside a fairytale.

Another highlight is the “Time Slide” installed for the first time this year, with the entrance being located on the second floor of the west wing of Citizen Plaza. The two-story high transparent track is connected to the second floor corridor and the ball pool, where one feels as if they are entering a time tunnel the moment they sit on the slide, passing through the tube towards the ball pool at the end, where the new and interesting experience allows children to forget about all their troubles and want to play more.

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