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Must-visit this summer vacation! Ignite the fuse of music waves on Tamsui Fisherman Stage – little wild music journey fervently underway.

Must-visit this summer vacation! Ignite the fuse of music waves on Tamsui Fisherman Stage – little wild music journey fervently underway.
News 2019/7/5
Date 2019/07/27 - 2019/08/25
Organizer Tourism and Travel Department, New Taipei City Government
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A trip to the small town of Tamsui for its sunset, music, gourmet food, sea breeze, and historic sites.  

(New Taipei City News) Summer is here! Going to the beach is a must every summer – besides Taiwan’s grandest music festival, the widely known New Taipei City Ho-Hai-Yan Gongliao Rock Festival, what the music fans are most after will be the Tamsui Fisherman Stage – Summertime’s Original Music events! Every year, Fisherman Stage would plan out plentiful events that create the most diverse performance experiences coordinated through visual, auditory, and taste perceptions, accompanying original music fans to welcome the arrival of amazing summertime. In addition to incorporating Ho-Hai-Yan Gongliao Rock Festival to bring forth impressive shows from the 2019 New Taipei City River and Ocean Music Festival series, bountiful site installations and one-day tours have also been specially designed. It is hoped that more visitors from Taiwan and around the world will have the opportunity to appreciate a little music tour passionately enriched with Taiwan’s local flair as they take a tour around the small town of Tamsui.

Glamorous performance by renowned music bands, singing with a vibrant crowd by the beach in Tamsui.

Tamsui in summertime has extremely diverse traveling options! At this year’s New Taipei City River and Ocean Music Festival, the first Preliminary Competition of Ho-Hai-Yan Gongliao Rock Festival Independent Music Award will be held at 3pm on July 27th, igniting the fuse of music waves on Fisherman Stage. In addition to the top 30 teams, who have been advanced from the preliminary round with more than a hundred bands from the Rock Festival competition, fighting for the admission to the final round, a total of 6 bands, including the 30th Golden Melody Award nominee for Best Vocal Group – Vast & Hazy, the 30the Golden Melody Award nominee for Best Musical Group – Pumpkinney Fan Club, and four Rock Festival spirit representing teams – 88 balaz, ZenKwun, Inhuman, and La Petite Nurse, are also invited to perform on stage. Every Saturday and Sunday from July 27th through August 25th, an assembly of 78 popular bands comprising EggPlantEgg, Sweet John, and Boxing, will take turns to perform on stage under Tamsui’s charming sunset.

The theme performance, Fisherman Stage – Heavy Metal Night, has always been closely followed by music fans and is the most anticipated music program for travelers in the summertime small town of Tamsui. In addition to inviting many of Taiwan’s heavy metal new talents to perform this year, “Hi Mom I Am Here” has also been created as the opening performer. “Hi Mom I Am Here” is Taiwan’s first “open style band practice event”, where ex-BandMan and chief editor of Fight Music Magazine Troy Zhao will be the emcee, leading this “hit song challenge” band consisted of music lovers from all professions and band players to break the existing stereotypes in regards to rehearsal rooms and music performance. Through the model of a “Rock n’ Roll Club”, the band will take on the list of heavy metal/rock n’ roll songs from famous movies in front of the live audience. It will be an unprecedented brand-new music performance style – don’t miss this great opportunity if you enjoy participating in music rehearsals or watching rock n’ roll.

Carefully creating on-site gourmet food that are tastier than before. 

In scorching hot summer, being able to drink some beer while listening to some music at the beach is life’s greatest enjoyment! In addition to the most popular cooling beer, Fisherman Stage this year will also invite bartenders to the venue to show off their skills and present event-special themed drinks. And the BBQ stand that always has a long queue every year will not be missing the event this year either; the delicious aboriginal style BBQ stand is all ready to go and will satisfy music fans’ picky taste buds anytime.

Now we have the delectable food, it will be even more fantastic if there is a comfortable place where we can enjoy it. This year, Fisherman Stage has specially arranged a small dining area of grassland with a leisurely and relaxing environment. In addition to the signature beer and BBQ, there are also light meal stalls that offer all kinds of delicious meals, so that music fans will be able to enjoy the unique experience as they have a bite while listening to the music.

Hip-hop music X Street art – Striking debut of water tower speaker.

Master designer AKIBO, who has created all the visual of the Fisherman Stage space, has always devoted in nurturing new talents. This year, he is bringing his widely loved piece from his curated C2 SQUAD exhibition – a “Water Tower Speaker” that integrates the two major street elements, hip-hop and graffiti, to the Fisherman Stage. It is a painstaking collaborative effort from several groups of graffiti artists and hip-hop musicians. The intense and fierce street colors and strokes are adhered to our familiar water tower, making it extraordinarily impressive and an event exclusive attraction that all visitors must come take a look and take some photos!

Listen to the music, feel the sea breeze, visit the historic sites, Jimmy Danhai Light Rail, Bali ferry – the best itinerary for one-day summertime trip.

One would easily relate Fisherman Stage to the famous attractions like Fisherman’s Wharf, Lover’s Bridge, and Lover’s Tower. Having some a-gei and fish ball soup when visiting Tamsui has become a fixed schedule. Being an experienced music fan, besides coming to Tamsui Fisherman Stage for the amazing music performance, why don’t you consider the one-day trip itinerary we are offering as you take home unforgettable summertime memories of the beautiful small town of Tamsui.

Music fans can take MRT to Tamsui Station and transfer via Zhinan Bus Routes Red 26 or 836 (Holiday), and you will arrive at Tamsui Fisherman’s Wharf. Before going to the Wharf, why not take a stroll down Tamsui Old Street first, leisurely have a cup of coffee and some breakfast by the river. Follow the riverbank and head to the richly Japanese Former Residence of Tada Eikichi and Tamsui Customs Officer’s Residence (Little White House) for a visit. Then tour around the photogenic Spanish and Gothic style architecture at Aletheia University before taking a break around noontime to enjoy some delicious food in Tamsui. After that, visitors can continue on to Fort San Domingo, Bok Su Lao, Hobe Fort, and Cloud Gate Theater. From Old Street to Fisherman Stage, the bountiful and diverse attractions filled with aesthetic beauty and historic depth are standing by for everyone to come and take up all the space of their camera’s memory card.

The recent social media check-in hot spot – Danhai Light Rail’s Jimmy Art Railway is highly recommended for anyone visiting Tamsui area. The greatest highlight is Jimmy’s installation art at each train station, with a total of 13 Jimmy’s artworks available for shooting. Stepping outside V09 Binhai Shalun Station, visitors will meet Jimmy’s work of the little girl and the big squirrel; and the Station is also currently the one closest to Fisherman’s Wharf. To reach Fisherman’s Wharf, visitors can also take Bus Route Red 23 – you’ll even enjoy 50% discount on the bus fare when making transfer via Light Rail.

Music fans can also embark from Bali and take a bike tour at Bali Old Street first, appreciating the wide collection at Shihsanhang Museum of Archaeology and then heading to Bali Ferryboat Wharf, where they could ride the economical ferry over Blue Highway to Tamsui Old Street. During weekdays, the ferry comes approximately every 20~30 minutes, and on the holidays, it comes approximately every 10~15 minutes. This itinerary will be closer to the characteristics belonging only to the Tamsui seaport. Or you could also rent a UBike and play and bike along the way, enjoy the sea breeze, listen to the music, and have a little journey of wild swinging music!
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