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Taiwan's tea township has become internationally famous! Pinglin District of New Taipei City is enlisted in the 2018 Top 100 Global Green Destinations.

Taiwan's tea township has become internationally famous! Pinglin District of New Taipei City is enlisted in the 2018 Top 100 Global Green Destinations.
News 2018/12/21
Date 2018/12/21 - 2019/04/30
Organizer Tourism and Travel Department, New Taipei City Government
Press Release of the Tourism and Travel Department on December 21, 2018
Taiwan's tea township has become internationally famous! Pinglin District of New Taipei City is enlisted in the 2018 Top 100 Global Green Destinations.

【New Taipei City】 Good news is reported from Taiwan's tourism industry that "Pinglin District of New Taipei City" is enlisted in the 2018 Top 100 Green Destinations. This is the first time that the Tourism and Travel Department of New Taipei City and Pinglin District Office jointly registered Pinglin for the selection, and this made Pinglin one of the Top 100. The natural and humanistic glamor of Pinglin and the joint determination of the governmental and non-governmental units for sustainable travel have been confirmed!
Green Destinations in the Netherlands, a foundation for sustainable tourism, has international credibility.
The selection of the world's top 100 green tourism destinations is held by Green Destinations, a foundation for sustainable tourism whose headquarters is located in the Netherlands, and it is also the world's most prestigious travel destination certification system. This is the fourth year of the selection, which is attended by more countries and regions. In addition to the United Nation's Sustainable Development Goals (SDG) in the development of tourism business, it declared the determination to march forward to sustainable tourism and cut to the tourism industry by adopting a sustainable management model that can obtain balance among the three major aspects of society and economy, cultural preservation and inheritance, as well as ecological environment. It is also determined to push the tourism industrial chain towards sustainable development.
Pinglin has developed low carbon tourism for many years, and finally, it has become internationally recognized.
Pinglin District of New Taipei City is famous for tea farms, which are located in the water source protection area at the upper reaches of Feitsui Reservoir that has not been destroyed by the development of mountains and forests. Green mountains and fresh water have become the cradle of high-quality tea leaves. Pinglin, a beautiful paradise that is like the backyard garden of the Taipei-Keelung Metropolitan Area. With such high-quality natural conditions, the Pinglin District Office has joined low-carbon tourism efforts and achieved great performance in fish protection through carbon reduction so as to allow tourists to be able to breathe fresh air along the nation's longest fish-admiring trail, as well as ride bicycles along a bike path featuring beautiful scenery to experience the elegant tea aroma in the air. The senior tea masters in Pinglin have the best technique of tea production; when New Taipei City won the Championship of the National Tea Producing Competition for eight consecutive years, Pinglin's tea masters won six championships during the eight years. Tea making depends on timing, location, and the senior tea master's years of experience; in addition, through promotion by the third and the fourth generation tea manufacturers, people are more familiar with Pinglin Tea Leaves, which are an example of invisible cultural heritage in Pinglin District.
The Tourism and Travel Department of New Taipei City Government has been continuously working with the Pinglin District Office of New Taipei City Government in promoting small group style travel and attracting visitors by using a refreshing visual image and allowing them to take independent tours or join group travel packages to admire the sunrise, have a tea picnic on the riverside, or a tea-picking experience in Pinglin. Through sustainable tourism management, the impact on nature upon visitors entering Pinglin for recreation will be reduced; meanwhile, visitors enjoy local foods during their visit through an environmentally friendly method, such as using repeatedly usable tableware that can deeply impress visitors in its green travel model; during the process of experiencing tea production, visitors can also gain a deeper understanding of the tea leaf industry and the local characteristics of Pinglin. The promotion of sustainable travel is not only an international trend, but in addition, all sections and departments of the New Taipei City Government have worked together to continuously facilitate sustainable travel development in every district and aim to make our city the best green destination for international travelers.

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