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Shen’ao RailBike – Romantic summer night railroad journey under the starry sky. Shall we get on the road now, darling?

Shen’ao RailBike – Romantic summer night railroad journey under the starry sky. Shall we get on the road now, darling?
News 2019/6/14
Date 2019/07/01 - 2019/09/30
Organizer Tourism and Travel Department, New Taipei City Government
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(New Taipei City News) To welcome the upcoming hot summer and Chinese Valentine’s Day, Shen’ao Railbike will be offering additional nighttime operation hours from July through September. Along with the brand-new Chinese Valentine’s Day theme and romantic lighting setting, we are bringing everyone a loving summer night riding experience. At the same time, we are also coordinating with the nighttime operation with itineraries on the sea, providing everyone more fun travel options in Shen’ao at night.

Valentine’s Day Theme Light Tunnel: Ride the fugu bike to Love Island

Since the opening of Shen’ao RailBike, its most popular ocean-theme light tunnel has been using light sculpture display of vivid marine life to accompany the passengers as they travel through the secret ocean paradise. Coordinating with the arrival of summer, the RailBike will launch Chinese Valentine’s Day theme from July through September. Visitors will embark on a romantic adventure while riding the adorable fugu carts, as they “swim” towards Love Island with pairs of marine life. It’s your turn now to share this fun journey with your important loved ones underneath the welcoming fireworks!

Light up Shen’ao – Ride the RailBike under the starry sky.

In response to nighttime operation times from July through September, Shen’ao RailBike will also be introducing sparkling romantic lighting along the route, bringing rarely seen charm for its visitors. One will see the sparkling starry ornaments at Badouzi Railway Station platform, and the starry lights will accompany visitors to the ocean-viewing segment, where alphabet spelling out the word “love” in different languages are installed as light sculpture, reminding everyone that love is borderless. The artful display is complemented by the breathtaking luminous sea of roses under the starry night – appreciating this dreamy light art flowery scene under the starry sky will be an amazing experience that cannot be found anywhere else. Arriving at the hills segment of the road where Jianji Coal Mine historic site is located, visitors will be welcomed by the tunnel furnished with seas of starry lights – the decoration of heart-shaped LED lighting just seems to be leading everyone into a romantic fantasy land. Lastly, visitors will arrive at Shen’ao Station platform where heart-shaped ornaments are hung everywhere to create a sweet loving ambiance, wishing each and every passenger arriving at Shen’ao a wonderful night.

Shall we get on the road now, darling?

During nighttime operation time from July to September, Shen’ao RailBike will be having “Shall we get on the road now, darling?” campaign on its fan page ( https://www.facebook.com/railbike.newtaipeicity ). All you need to do is leave a comment and tag a traveling companion, and you will be qualified for the October 1st lucky draw, which will offer prizes that include two sets of round-trip plane tickets to Malaysia for two and RailBike tickets for two; people will be able to start leaving their comments on July 1st. Through this campaign, we are hoping that more people will become familiar with Shen’ao RailBike and that the prize winners will use this opportunity to share each wonderful moment of their life with their dearest family and friends.

Offering itineraries on the sea to coordinate with the night time operation.

To coordinate with Shen’ao RailBike’s nighttime operation hours starting in July, Tourism and Travel Department, New Taipei City Government is offering two starry night limited edition oceanic tour packages. “Secret Paradise Cruise + Shen’ao RB” tour will bring everyone out to the sea looking over the spectacular diamond-like view of Shuinandong, Jinguashi, and Jiufen. Visitors can appreciate the sights of Shuinandong and Yin and Yang Sea, exploring the wave eroded rocks of eccentric shapes like the Elephant Trunk Rock and the Chief Rock. On the other hand, “Night Pencil Squid Fishing + Shen’ao RB” tour invites everyone to experience the fun of night pencil squid fishing. People will have the chance to see the seasonal seafood such as pencil squid, Japanese horse mackerel, largehead hairtail, Atlantic mackerel, and swordtip squid and to taste the fresh local Shen’ao seafood. Event registration website:
https://www.cts-travel.com.tw/C/railbike-home ; everyone is encouraged to sign up and participate in such a rewarding and fun tour. Come and experience the most beautiful Shen’ao summer night and its fishing port ambiance.

Online pre-booking for nighttime operating trains will be open at 12pm sharp on June 17th, 2019.

Nighttime operation hours for Shen’ao RailBike will begin on July 1st and will end on September 30th, and the additional nighttime trains will operate from 18:00 to 20:30 every day with a total of 6 additional train times. Times opened for pre-booking will be available for online booking starting 12pm sharp on June 17th. On the first day of opening for pre-booking, people will be able to book the nighttime trains between July 1st and July 17th; starting the next day (12am sharp everyday), tickets for up to 30 days later will be available for booking. For example, at 12am on June 18th, people will be able to book the nighttime trains from July 1st to July 18th; booking website: https://www.railbike.com.tw . As the nighttime train schedules are offered within a limited time frame with limited train times, everyone is welcome to seize the opportunity and come experience this beautiful and fantastical summer night journey. We are also asking everyone to follow the Tourism and Travel Department, New Taipei City Government website, the New Taipei City Tour Facebook fan page, and Shen’ao RailBike Facebook fan page as we will be offering more information on our exciting events in the future.