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Crossing a Hundred Years Activate the Journey of the Tamsui-Kavalan North Road Together We Walk On the Trail of Time That Leads to Ancient Exploration

Crossing a Hundred Years  Activate the Journey of the Tamsui-Kavalan North Road  Together We Walk On the Trail of Time That Leads to Ancient Exploration
News 2018/12/6
Date 2018/12/06 - 2019/06/30
Organizer Tourism and Travel Department, New Taipei City Government
Press Release of the Tourism and Travel Department, New Taipei City Government on Dec 6, 2018
Crossing a Hundred Years Activate the Journey of the Tamsui-Kavalan North Road
Together We Walk On the Trail of Time That Leads to Ancient Exploration

【New Taipei City】 The "Tamsui-Kavalan Trail" was the main transportation route from Tamsui Prefecture to Kavalan Prefecture in the Qing Dynasty (Taipei to Yilan at present), and it is divided into three roads, the Tamsui-Kavalan North Road (for government officials), Central Road (for people), and South Road (for tea shipping), and passes through four current administrative districts, including Taipei, New Taipei City, Keelung, and Yilan. Over the four year promotion by the combination of non-governmental organizations and local government, the New Taipei City Government followed the paths that are recorded in historical literature on the basis of preserving original ancient roads and eliminating lost paths or those paths that have been developed as the main traffic network or for industrial usage. The Tamsui-Kavalan Trail consisting of the North, the Central, and the South network has been defined for recreation so that tourists can arrange a half-day, one-day, or multiple-day tour of mountain hiking at their pleasure. At the end of this year, the most important transportation route for living in north Taiwan at the earliest time - the Tamsui-Kavalan Trail (originally for government officials) completely finished construction. The place is where our ancestors used to hunt, reclaimed, and used for military defense, and the Ganzidian Ruin, Canguangliao Pu Ruin, and Jinzibei Historic Site are waiting for you to explore!

Spain's "Camino de Santiago" Taiwan's "Tamsui-Kavalan Trail"
In foreign countries, there are many long-distance hiking routes, such as Spain's "Camino de Santiago" and the USA's Appalachian National Scenic Trail. Without going abroad, you can walk on an international level hundred-year-old long-distance trail. Can't wait to set off for a visit to the Tamsui-Kavalan Trail? In order to promote the hiking experience on the international level long-distance trail, the Tourism and Travel Department of the New Taipei City Government is collaborating exclusively with "Hiking Biji" in the establishment of the "Tamsui-Kavalan Trail Website" to provide people with a convenient search for the Tamsui-Kavalan Trail, recreation information and guides to mountain climbing, tourists are able to make plans before their trips. The tourists can not only learn about the traces of Taiwan in the Age of Discovery through the introduction of history but also visit human footprints of our ancestors' migration, industrial reclamation, and settlement development. Moreover, digital tracking files, GPX, KMZ, and etc. are downloadable for use as an offline map in route guidance to complete the Tamsui-Kavalan journey step by step.

Combined with the 2018 Mountain Climbing Festival, the Tamsui-Kavalan North Road Series Tour Package is exclusively launched, including the "One-Day Canguangliao Trail Tour", "One-Day Jinzibei Trail Tour", and "Two-Day Long-Distance Trail Pioneer Tour". Whoever attends the Tamsui-Kavalan North Road Tour Package can enjoy the concessional price of promotion (a One-Day Tour costs NT $1,400, and the Two-Day Long-Distance Tour costs NT $3,880.) Participants of a One-Day Tour will be given a NT $300 product voucher for MERRELL, the outdoor footwear and apparel brand; participants of the Two-Day Long-Distance Tour will be given a T-shirt made by MERRELL, the outdoor footwear and apparel brand. The North Road Tour Package is open for registration from 2pm, Dec 7 (Friday), 2018.

With the design by the Master Xiao Qing-yang, the logo of Tamsui-Kavalan has incorporated with better ancient sense
On the Tamsui-Kavalan Trail, there is a precious fern which is only found in very few areas around the world - "Dipteridaceae". This is an ancient fern that existed before the Jurassic era and can be found everywhere on the Tamsui-Kavalan Trail! The appearance of Dipteridaceae is like a pair of hands, which is a spiritual character of the hand-built trail and the guard of the mountains and forests. The identification system of the Tamsui-Kavalan Trail was designed by Master Xiao Qing-yang personally, and he adopted the Dipteridaceae that guards the Tamsui-Kavalan Trail as the logo.

Xiao Qing-yang indicated that "Choosing Dipteridaceae as the identification system of the Tamsui-Kavalan Trail Network has a significant implication of ancient life on the earth. The design of the logo took a half year to choose from 50 proposal images; finally, in the pursuit of perfection, the logo can be implemented on the ancient trail." Moreover, the national treasure calligraphy master Zhou Liang-dun was invited to write for the Tamsui-Kavalan logo and the stone rock, so as to make the ancient style of the Tamsui-Kavalan Trail be presented in full.

Japanese Photographer Kobayashi Kengo Said, "Tamsui-Kavalan Trail is the World-class Road of Totoro"

When mountain hikers visit the Tamsui-Kavalan Trail, they all admire and praise the ancient road for its subtropical multi-ecology, rich history and culture, as well as magnificent scenery. Japanese photographer Kobayashi Kengo came to Taiwan two years ago. He has visited many mountains and forests and used photographs to record the beauty of Taiwan. When he visited the Tamsui-Kavalan Trail, he could feel the rhythm of life brought by the Tamsui-Kavalan Trail. He emphasized that, "In order not to destroy the original landscapes and reduce damage to the environment, ever since ancient times, the Tamsui-Kavalan Trail was constructed by following ancient method. The road was built by hand-laying stone ladders and drains with material obtained on site. It's quite admirable to see no trace of cement and no damage to the natural landscape."

Link to the Video of the Tamsui-Kavalan Trail: https://youtu.be/uKOjP9GJK0I
Tamsui-Kavalan Trail Official Website: https://goo.gl/jpj6Tf