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New Taipei City Christmas land “Station Square Twinkling Light Zone” Stunning Christmas Dance of Lights Becomes Popular Instagram Spot

New Taipei City Christmas land “Station Square  Twinkling Light Zone” Stunning Christmas Dance of Lights Becomes  Popular Instagram Spot
News 2017/12/21
Date 2017/12/21 - 2018/01/01
Organizer Tourism and Travel Department, New Taipei City Government
The main light show, a flood of lights surrounding cargo market in New Taipei City Christmas land triggers a wave of photo and check-in fervor. The 2017 New Taipei City Christmas land was magnificently upgraded this year with an area of twinkling lights located at the Banqiao Station square, opening with a blast. The public are amazed by the white canvases descending from above along with flashing Christmas tree accompanied by twirling moose rides, 8 cargo market splendidly decorated with lights, gorgeous Christmas Dance of the Lights composed by 12 computer projectors glittering along with the theme music and the Santa bear shaped stage. Every corner is great for taking pictures! Our digital curator will be compiling the best station square check-in spots for everyone to make it in one go!

*Dance along with “Christmas Dance of the Lights” in the plaza as if a super cool dance floor
Competing with the citizen plaza light projection is the station square twinkling light zone newly setup this year. The elaborately planned music and light display for the “Christmas Dance of Lights” is unprecedented in Taiwan. Spectacular lights bounce around for 3 minutes during the show. Accompanied by powerful music, this unparalleled visual and audio excitement immersed audiences into a beautiful feast of sound and light for a magical moment of musical fantasy. The event takes place daily between 17:30 to 21:45 at every quarter to and after the hour. Two themed music performances rotates between shows. Come and experience it while you can.

*Ride the Merry-go-around Moose for a fun girl’s time
When the pearly white merry-go-around Moose meets Christmas tree laced with thousands of flashing neon lights, the station square twinkling light zone comes alive with music and twirling moose as if a music box in a fairy tale atmosphere. Ride the merry-go-around moose to return to your teenage self, open your heart to the fantasy ride, and use up all the photos! What’s more, the merry-go-around moose forest is the only ride available to everyone over 3 years of age . Let your youthful heart soar!
*Become a hipster and instant internet celebrity at the Cargo Market
The colorful lights splaying before the station square cargo market marks it as a gathering ground for internet celebs. Intricately designed red and blue cargo market along with dancing lights on the window sill makes great photo spots everywhere. The eye-catching “ball pool cargo party” is the first of its kind in Taiwan, transforms the cargo container into a gigantic ball pool. Internet celebrities go crazy for the fantastic macaron color handmade marshmallows . In addition, there is a gigantic 10m “refreshing style table” installation, complete with hundredfold size hipster camera, soulful table lamp and other scenes. Obtain hipster-style photos with ease and rack in likes on Instagram!

*Stroll along the soulful “Golden Years Boulevard”
Sidewalks on either side to the station square is decorated into the bright “Golden Years Boulevard” with an orange glow of lights, adding to the warmth found among the twinkling lights and creating a rich Christmas atmosphere. Walking along the boulevard with friends and family is an instant gratification, and it is a prime dating spot that is not to be missed for couples visiting Christmas land. The romantic atmosphere brings lovers closer, and for the singles, there is no need to worry. Strolling beneath the warm boulevard is immensely soulful and clears fatigue!

*Capturing wild Santa, Little Ke adorable surprise
Take a closer look at the second floor window of the cargo for a special surprise! The adorable Santa and Little Ke bears may be waving to you at the window! There will also be a series of amazing events at the adorable Santa bear stage every weekend, including cartoon celebrity meetups loved by kids and performances by talented street artists. Super star Santa bear and New Taipei city tourist Little Ke will also appear at the twinkling light zone occasionally to ambush visitors for a fun weekend.

How to arrive at the splendid station square twinkling light zone venue? Take the MRT to Banqiao station reach Banqiao station square from exit 3. For more “2017 New Taipei City Christmas land” related information, please visit New Taipei City Tourism site, event site or like our New Taipei City Tourist fan page.

▸New Taipei City Travel: http://tour.ntpc.gov.tw
▸Taipei City Tourist fan page: http://www.facebook.com/ntctour
▸2017 New Taipei City Christmasland event site: http://2017christmasland.ntpc.gov.tw/