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New Site in Bitan: A Specially Designed Dancing Water Show

New Site in Bitan: A Specially Designed Dancing Water Show
News 2016/12/24
Date 2016/12/24 - 2017/04/05
Organizer Tourism and Travel Department of New Taipei City Government
New Site in Bitan: A Specially Designed Dancing Water Show

【New Taipei City News】A new tourist site has emerged in Bitan! Starting December 24th, Bitan will be introducing nightly dancing water shows that are combined with colorful lighting and music, presenting viewers with a visual and audio feast. Furthermore, to celebrate the opening of Bitan Dancing Water Show, there will be a dancing water concert between 2 pm and 4 pm on the 24th, marking the opening of the event with jazz and classical music.

Bitan Dancing Water Show was specially organized by the Tourism and Travel Department of New Taipei City Government for the open waters of Bitan. Unlike the enclosed water sites of other dancing water shows, this event by New Taipei City requires creating dancing water on the flowing Xindian Creek and lasts up to 103 days, truly a difficult task which involves high technical lighting, nozzle, and advanced methods of securing the floating platform. Moreover, Bitan Dancing Water show is the first in Taiwan to introduce the latest three-dimensional dancing water technology, which produces water with three round shapes each with ten-meter diameters. Together with the 3D nozzle developed by a Taiwanese company, the New Taipei City Government is able to sculpt international standard water shapes.

Moreover, Bitan Dancing Water Show has designed 7 pieces of music to be performed in sections throughout the 103 days of performance. Each piece is collocated with different water shapes according to the musical style to annotate the varying themes, giving the dancing water show rich emotions and enabling the show to reach higher artistic expressions. For instance, “Chibi” was inspired by Bitan’s nickname “Little Chibi”; the grand music is composed with a nostalgic aspect, while the romantic atmosphere flows out along with song “Titanic.”

Bitan Dancing Water Show opened on December 24th. Each night during 6:00-8:30 pm from December 25th, 2016, to April 5th, 2017, different music pieces and performances will be presented at the top and half of the hour. Each piece is about 5 minutes long, with 2 types of performance every night. “Chibi” and “Titanic” will be the first to perform from December 24th to January 22nd, followed by The Charm of Bitan, Magical Aladdin, and Nostalgic Folk Songs. Corresponding music pieces will also be presented during the Chinese New Year Holidays and Children’s Day Holidays.

The opening ceremony of the first Bitan Dancing Water Show will be presented on December 24th, starting with jazz and classical music at 2 pm. Well-known musicians Chao Chia-chu, Alan Lee, and Taipei Public Symphony Orchestra are invited to perform at this event. Chao Chia-chu used to be a member of New Formosa Band who has produced multiple music albums for singers including Rene Liu and is frequently invited as the judge of events such as Golden Melody Awards. Alan Lee is the drummer of Starry Eyes. His legendary grouping with Simon Hsueh is still talked about throughout the rock and roll world. These performers will take turns in performing throughout the 2-hour concert, marking the opening for Bitan Dancing Water Show. When the dancing water show begins, the 5-person jazz band Exactly Band will bring forth relaxing melodies.

Bitan is blessed with beautiful scenery and rich historical and cultural resources. Apart from the gentle rising and falling landscape of Hemei Mountain and winding Riverside Bikeways that makes it a perfect location for couples and family outings, the historical drawbridge, Liugong Waterway, drawbridge light sculpture that attracts photography lovers, and the only manpower ferry in Taiwan, are all worthy of visiting. Now, the night of Bitan also presents international-standard audio and dancing water shows. Visitors should plan their outings during December 24th, 2016, and April 5th, 2017. Don’t forget to enjoy a hot spring session in the nearby mountain areas of Wulai and take a trip to Wulai Waterfall, enriching your day trip to Xindian and Wulai.