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2017 New Taipei City Hot Spring Festival Officially Starts You are Invited to Enjoy the Temperature of Happiness

2017 New Taipei City Hot Spring Festival Officially Starts  You are Invited to Enjoy the Temperature of Happiness
News 2017/11/29
Date 2017/12/01 - 2017/12/31
Organizer Tourism and Travel Department, New Taipei City Government
2017 New Taipei City Hot Spring Festival Official Starts You are Invited to Enjoy the Temperature of Happiness
Wednesday, November 29, 2017

New Taipei City Hot Spring Festival Officially Starts, and a variety of Hot Springs Await you to Experience

Winter is coming, the best season for hot spring is here again! Today (the 29th), 2017 New Taipei City Hot Spring Festival officially kicked off. The special geological conditions in New Taipei City make the emergence of hot spring vary in versatile types, including Wulai beauty spa, northern coastline ocean hot spring, sulfur hot spring associate an odd smell and iron-colored hot spring. They are perfect for hot spring fans to visit one after another. This year, New Taipei City government, in collaboration with hot spring business owners, has launched many value-added concessional packages for hot spring spa and cuisine. People are welcome to enjoy the happiness feel upon enjoying hot spring bath.

Cultural exchange for Hot Spring Spa and Cuisine between Taiwan and Japan Come to New Taipei City for Hot Spring Spa, and People Can Get Closer to the Nature without distance. Nature is the best!

2017 New Taipei City Hot Spring Festival invites the Japanese Internet celebrity Masa, who is residing in Taiwan, to conduct the hot spring spa and cuisine cultural exchange with the Principal of Wulai Hunting School Teacher Zhang Ren-jie, who is a celebrity of Atayal tribe. Teacher Zhang Ren-jie indicated that Wulai has rich abundance of pure and clean natural resources; in addition to enjoying hot spring spa, it's suggested that visitors who take tours to Wulai should try local mountain cuisines. Masa demonstrates his cooking techniques, with using “Makauy”, Wulai's local food material, to make creative cuisine called “Makauy flavored authentic Kyushu Steamed Chicken Shabu Shabu”. Masa indicated that the tips of the cuisine are to focus on the original flavor of its material. He also emphasized that many foods are good for health as long as people consume them in a fresh and balanced method. Masa gave additional indication that he cares much about daily health preservation, and he enjoys hot spring spa, too. Taking hot spring spa in Wulai can get closer to the nature without crossing a great distance. It's the same as what he insists in cuisine, nature is the best!

Starry Night Hot Spring Spa with the largest 65% off discount, and the hot spring spa plus dinner package for two persons is priced as low as TWD 799. People should have hot spring spa gathering all winter long.
The Tourism and Travel Department of New Taipei City Government indicated that the distance of New Taipei City Wulai hot spring district or Jinshan or Wanli hot spring district from the Greater Taipei Area is only a 20 to 40 minutes drive. It's very convenient for people to go by taking public transportation; also, the places are suitable for small group of friends to go together. Avoid heavy traffic on weekends to embrace natural tranquility. This year, New Taipei city Government in collaboration with hot spring business owners launches a special project of “Starry Hot Spring Spa” with super value at the lowest 65% discount; also, the package of Hot Spring Spa plus Dinner for two persons is priced only TWD 799. People who enjoy taking hot spring spa tour with family and friends all winter long should never miss it out.

Warm Hearted Hot Spring Pack will be available for purchases from December 1 and priced TWD 100 with concession valued TWD 1,000 to really warm up people's heart.

Every year, the Warm-Hearted Hot Spring Packs always drives shopping crush. The package sale of 2017 New Taipei City Hot Spring Festival will be open to sale for 5 consecutive days from December 1 to December 5 at 10 am with daily limited of 200 availabilities to have a grasp of good deal! With only spending TWD 100, people can obtain good hot spring gift worth up to TWD a thousand, the concessions include limited New Taipei Tours Mascot Doll dressed in traditional Atayal costume, Hot Spring Festival concession brochure, hot spring handmade soap and extra-added purchase deduction coupons worth TWD 500 for you to enjoy hot spring spa without burden. To find detailed special project of concessions for hot spring activities and the sales information about Warm-Hearted Hot Spring Pack, please go to the activity web page “2017 Hot Spring Festival” of New Taipei City Travel website for enquiries: http://tour.ntpc.gov.tw/