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Appreciating the Lunar Festival and Gathering in Pingxi

Appreciating the Lunar Festival and Gathering in Pingxi
News 2017/9/21
Date 2017/10/04 - 2017/10/04
Organizer Tourism and Travel Department of New Taipei City Government
Appreciating the Lunar Festival and Gathering in Pingxi
International Visitors are Joining the Festivity
Pingxi is a renowned spot in New Taipei City with a rich historical and reminiscent atmosphere, and traditional culture. Not only does it attract numerous domestic visitors but it has also seen an active development in international tourism in the last few years. In light of this, the Lunar Sky Lantern Festival this year invites the participation of not only the domestic citizens but also those from abroad. It attracts considerable foreign tourist participation, including visitors from Korea, Japan, Thailand, Europe and the United States, to experience this rare occasion with the people of Taiwan!
New Taipei City Tourism and Travel Department Director Chen Kuo-chun state that “The Lantern and Lunar Festival are both important traditional Taiwanese festivals. They combine the positive images of blessing by sky lanterns, peace and gathering. The Lunar Festival Sky Lantern differs in terms of hosting this year with registration by internet. Visitors may sign up for the Pingxi light tour and Sky Lantern casting, in hopes of inspiring tourists with an interest for in-depth knowledge of the Taiwanese culture and Pingxi beauty. Visit during different seasons for a variety of abundant sceneries.”

In-depth Pingxi Visit Discovering New Inspiration and Fun
In contrast with the common Lunar Festival BBQ, moon watching and gathering, the New Taipei City government provides both local and foreign guest with a great new place to visit. Through in-depth local tour arrangements, new found surrounding sites promotion and handmade craft experience, the Lunar Festival at Pingxi will be bringing everyone a different sort or inspiration and visual feast this year!

In addition to the in-depth Pingxi local tours created and arranged with collaboration between government teams and industry owners, the annual main event the “New Taipei City Pingxi Sky Lantern Festival” attracts numerous tourists from home and abroad, to repeated international acclaim and praise. Last year (2016), the event was not only honored with recommendations by National Geographic Magazine as one of the “World’s Top 10 Best Winter Travel,” but it also ranked among the ten most favorite sites in Taiwan of foreign visitors for the first time, coming in third in a Tourism Bureau “2016 Taiwan Tourist Consumption and Trend” survey! The New Taipei City government hopes that the Pingxi area will become a multi-purpose tourist attraction of festivals, tours and cuisines in the future, allowing tourists to visit a place with variety and abundance regardless of season. This will spur local prosperity, enhancing the visibility and tourism charm of the Pingxi area, New Taipei City and Taiwan worldwide.

The Lunar Festival on October 4 welcomes the public to experience a wonderful Pingxi that combines travel and festival tradition. Flexible small-scale traffic control will be conducted on the day of the event. Please cooperate accordingly. For details, please visit the event’s website at ( http://skylantern.ntpc.gov.tw/en/ ).

In addition, on the day of event, there will also be flexible, small scale traffic control along Jingan Rd. Baishi Activity Center to the Pingxi library from 1500 to 2200. An extra route 795 bus and a train is planned, so please visit the event website or the Taiwan Rail website ( http://www.railway.gov.tw/en/ ), or refer to the on-site bus stop notice for details on traffic control and time table. The event host appeals to everyone to take public transport, pay attention to fire safety regulations for a fun and safe trip home.

For more “2017 New Taipei City Pingxi Sky Lantern Festival” information, please log on to “New Taipei City Travel Site,” “2017 New Taipei City Pingxi Sky Lantern Festival official site” or join the “New Taipei Tour” Facebook fan page.

Sky Lantern Festival: http://skylantern.ntpc.gov.tw/en/
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