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Grand Opening & Lighting Up of the “2018 Christmasland in New Taipei City”! 47 Days of Astonishment to the World Resplendent Launching of Four Main Galaxy Light Areas

Grand Opening & Lighting Up of the “2018 Christmasland in New Taipei City”!  47 Days of Astonishment to the World  Resplendent Launching of Four Main Galaxy Light Areas
News 2018/11/16
Date 2018/11/16 - 2019/01/01
Organizer Tourism and Travel Department, New Taipei City Government
Press Release from the Tourism and Travel Department, New Taipei City Government 2018.11.16
Grand Opening & Lighting Up of the “2018 Christmasland in New Taipei City”!
47 Days of Astonishment to the World
Resplendent Launching of Four Main Galaxy Light Areas
900 Colorful LED Tubes Create the Flowing Light Corridor
With a Synchronized 3D Projective Mapping Performance
Must-Visit Place for Photo Shoots by Famous Internet Beautiful Girls!
The Station Plaza Transforms into the Ultimate Beautiful Magical Galaxy

[New Taipei City] The “2018 Christmasland in New Taipei City” gaining high attention from domestic and international travelers was unveiled grandly today (the 16th), with New Taipei City mayor Eric Li-Lun Chu turning on the lights in Citizen Plaza, announcing that a series of splendid Christmasland in New Taipei City events will be officially started starting today, as well as lighting up the main light show which astonished the world. The event will continue for 47 days until New Year’s Day (January 1st) of next year (2019). The entire Christmasland area is based on the theme of “space & planets”, taking the public to experience a fantastic and scientific journey through the universe, which is definitely worth a visit for the brilliantly resplendent light arrangements!
“Santa Galaxy” 3D Projective Mapping Connects to the LED Flowing Light Corridor of City Hall
Splendid and Exciting Interstellar War
Santa Bear and Square-Headed Bear Family Lead the Public to Set Out Towards the Universe

Christmasland in New Taipei City has become famous worldwide during recent years with being the “largest 3D projective mapping in Taiwan”, and this year, it is using the corridor structure of City Hall on the second floor for the first time to install as many as 900 LED touch-controlled light tubes, closely connecting City Hall and the Christmas Tree with Citizen Plaza as the center, creating a 360° gigantic circular screen. Hsu-Chih Cheng, the Best Sound Effects nominee for the Golden Horse Awards is further invited to design the audio for this year’s main light show, introducing the most astonishing new 6-minute projective mapping experience.

The story for this year’s 3D projective mapping show is unveiled with video games, where Santa Bear and the Square-Headed Bear Family enter the Cosmic Galaxy from a different dimension for an adventure, where magical planets with hidden dangers are the obstacles, and the bears ride on the spaceship to pass through interstellar space and conquer obstacles, avoiding fierce attacks from the demon king in the end to arrive at the colorful and magnificent Christmas Santa Planet! The exquisite animation special effects allow the public on-site to enjoy a realistically fantastic space journey, attracting many travelers to stop here in astonishment to take photos and videos with their mobile phones! (The main light show will be performed on every hour and half hour between 17:30 pm to 22:00 pm every day after the activation of Christmasland on November 16th.)

Flourishing Colors of the “Magical Galaxy” Awaken the Child Inside Each Person
Famous American Art “The Pool” Makes Its Debut in Taiwan at Christmasland

Christmasland in New Taipei City has advanced into the 8th year, and for this year, the Station Plaza is specially designed to become a colorful and fantastic “Magical Galaxy” light area, while collaborating with Jen Lewin – the famous interactive media artist from New York to display the interactive art installation in Taiwan for the first time, “The Pool” which has been seen in events including Vivid Sydney, Burning Man, Istanbul Light Festival, and Signal Festival in Prague…etc. Cutting-edge technologies are combined to create the gigantic LED spherical art installation “Magical Planet”, as well as the landscape play area “Colorful Constellation” designed based on the theme of planets, and the two seesaws which produce white flowing light beams along with gravity are must-visit sites for children!

Abundant Christmas Event Collection Every Week at “Magical Galaxy”
Have Loads of Good Fun!

Other than planning a series of abundant events at the “Santa Galaxy” light area for Christmasland this year, the “Magical Galaxy” light area is of equivalent splendidness every week! On top of lighting up the main light show of the LED spherical art installation “Magical Planets” during the “Planet Landing Premiere” on the night of 11/17 (Sat.), there are also many must-buy planet-related theme products at the “Christmas Planet Theme Park” from 11/17 (Sat.) – 11/18 (Sun.), as well as stage events for joint celebration! Between 11/23 (Fri.) – 11/25 (Sun.) is the “Warm Handmade Market” with the most unique customized DIY Christmas presents for you. From 11/30 (Fri.) – 12/2 (Sun.) is the “Candy House Market”, as gingerbread houses, sweets, and cakes are not to be absent from Christmasland for a sweet holiday. From 12/21 (Fri.) – 12/23 (Sun.) is the “Christmas Love Village”, where small gifts filled with strong love are prepared for those in love or ready to make a love confession; the “Big Confession” event is further launched on the stage every hour, for love must be said out loud! Between 12/29 (Sat.) – 1/1 (Tuesday) is the “Taiwan Trend Design Market” which gathers products from several cultural creative designers in Taiwan to launch limited small Christmasland gifts! One must not miss out on the splendid events every week!

Popular Korean Super-Star POLI is at “POLI Galaxy” in New Banqiao Central Park – a Children’s Favorite

  Christmasland in New Taipei City every year will turn the New Banqiao Central Park into a cartoon base very much favored by children. For this year, the “Robocar POLI” which came a long way from Korea to participate in the free outdoor exhibition for the first time in Taiwan has transformed the New Banqiao Central Park into “POLI Galaxy”, with a total of 7 installations including “Brooms Town Christmasland”, “Christmas Headquarters”, “School Bus Christmas Classroom”, “POLI Christmas Tree”, “POLI Christmas Present’, “Christmas Stage”, and “Blue Time Arch”! Meanwhile, the “Robocar POLI” mascot can also be seen at the “Children’s Carnival” held at Citizen Plaza from December 1st to December 2nd. Do not miss out on it!

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