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"The 1st Place of Asia's 10 Best Christmas Markets of 2017" New Taipei City Christmasland Grandly Kicks Off

"The 1st Place of Asia's 10 Best Christmas Markets of 2017" New Taipei City Christmasland Grandly Kicks Off
News 2017/11/1
Date 2017/11/01 - 2017/12/31
Organizer Tourism and Travel Department, New Taipei City Government
Press Release by the Tourism and Travel Department, New Taipei City Government November 1, 2017
"The 1st Place of Asia's 10 Best Christmas Markets of 2017" New Taipei City Christmasland Grandly Kicks Off
Upgraded "World's Only One 360-Degree 3D sculpture Projection"
"The First-Time-Ever Banqiao Station Intelligent Mobile Projection" Delivers Non-Stop Surprises
Glistening Dancing Christmas Lights Consecutive Celebrations for 39 Sleepless Nights in Xinban District
[New Taipei City] Once again, it's the time for Taiwan's largest "2017 New Taipei City Christmasland". Today (November 1), the release press conference announced Merry Christmasland will start from November 24 this year (2017) and last until January 1 next year (2018), a series of activities is held for consecutive 39 days! The Deputy Mayor of New Taipei City Hou Yu-yi announced that Christmasland this year themed as a circus filled with fantasy, joyfulness and magnificent beauty as well as leads the general public to be impressed with the magnificence upon stepping into the Christmasland. He activated the opening of admissions tickets with the supervisors of departments, thus starting the final countdown to the opening of Christmasland! The Deputy Mayor Hou Yu-yi also indicated that New Taipei City Government this year has once again collaborated with "Hexogon Solution", a high-end Singaporean projection team that sets New Guinness World Records; with the application of 48 high-end projectors, overall-upgraded projection hardware, effects, coverage and brightness, the creation of "World's only 360-degree 3D sculpture projection Christmas tree" has been fulfilled. Additionally, for the first time ever the two major lantern areas in the previous years, City Plaza and New Banqiao Central Park are integrated with the Station Front Square. Accordingly, for the first time, the high-end intelligent mobile projection technology is applied to make the dazzling sculpture projection extended to the Banqiao Station Building as a result of upgrading the full projection coverage as large as 8,794 square meters; it's another successful proud record!
Another new record! Taiwan's Largest Dynamic Interactive Sculpture Projection Theater-in-the-Round
It's the 7th Christmasland held by New Taipei City Government. Last year, it's was enlisted by the world famous "Harper's Bazaar" magazine in "the World's 19 Most Striking Christmas Trees", and it was elected by Internet media "the 1st place of the Asia's Best Christmas Markets". For sure, the Christmas light show is the key factor to the success, and it has made the Christmasland Taiwan's top international tourism activity. The main Christmas light show this year has broken the record made last year and become "the nation's largest coverage of sculpture projection 2016". With the application of 48 high-end projectors, the intelligent mobile projector technology applied for the first time extend the coverage of sculpture projection up to 8,794 square meters! (It equals to the coverage of 21 basketball courts or 1.5 football fields). Simultaneously, the details of special effects and gorgeous atmosphere are upgraded as a result to make the fulfillment of magic Christmasland with the nation's largest magic sculpture projection! Light up the city, amaze the world! (The main light show launched starting from November 24 will open every day between 17:30 to 22:00 with light show displayed every hour at an interval of 30 minutes.)
The new Station Front Square Sparkling Lantern Area Creates the Dancing Christmas Light
"Christmasland Opening Show" will set the New Taipei City Christmasland officially open to public on November 24 (Friday). This year, the Christmas lighting in the neighborhood area will be extended larger than last year's coverage from the City Plaza and New Banqiao Central Park to Banqiao Station Front Square including three major lantern areas- "City Plaza Fantasy Lantern Area", "Station Front Sparkling Lantern Area" and "New Banqiao Central Cartoon Lantern Area". It's also worth mentioning that this year's new creation "Dancing Christmas Lights" will be grandly displayed at the Station Front Square with a white-gold romantic backdrop descend from the sky, 12 colorful and stunning PC projections, 8 container bazaar decorated with gorgeous lighting. Moreover, the lovely Santa stage and the dazzling Christmas tree combined with rotating Moose entertaining equipment will dance with the theme music for a Dancing Christmas Lights. Station Front Square will instantly transform the most dazzling Christmas paradise! (The display of Dancing Christmas Light will start from November 25, every day between 17:45 to 21:45 with an interval of 30 minutes, and each display lasts for 3 minutes.)
It's snowing at the Station Front Square! A Lot of Cartoon Dolls Add fun to the Children Carnival
After the New Taipei City Christmasland is grandly open to public on November 24, the most anticipating parent-child "Fun Fair Children Carnival" will be held on November 25 and 26. A lot of children's favorite cartoon characters, Pororo, Cheburashka, Poli and Tayo will gather at the Christmasland, they will bring the storytelling shows, fun activities, balloon magic show and children's favorite interactive giveaway activities. In particular, people should never miss the photo shooting gathering with Santa Bear Family and Pororo Family, together the children and the cartoon stars will leave the wonderful Christmas memories! Besides, on November 25, the Light Up the Light Ceremony will be held at the Banqiao Station Front Square. On the current day, the snowflakes will fall off from the sky during specific schedules. It's a limited show that people should never miss!
International Star Pororo Visits the Christmasland·New Banqiao Central Park is Transformed into a Fun Snowyland
This year, Merry Christmasland has invited the world famous and children's favorite "President Pororo" to visit the Christmasland with his little animal family. In the New Banqiao Central Park, the snowy landscape appearing an arctic atmosphere makes little children to get closer to Pororo Family, and together they feel the atmosphere of a Christmas winter wonderland. Meanwhile, the main spokesman of Christmasland Santa Bear will act as the head of the circus, and Square-headed bear family and Pororo Family will jointly bring little children non-stop fun in the Christmasland! Besides, the every year, Christmasland's Container Bazaar that won a lot of praises every year will be decorated in the circus style; 18 container bazaars, 5 free-of-charge entertainment facilities, "Royal Merry-Go-Round", "Snowy White Flying Chair", "Rotating Moss Forest", "Christmas Express" and "Light-Speed Small Fighter", will be grandly open to the public to make everyone indulge in pleasure.

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