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New Taipei City and EVA Air Jointly Went to Korea for Another Tourism Promotion A Challenge of 1 million Korean Tourists to Taiwan

New Taipei City and EVA Air Jointly Went to Korea for Another Tourism Promotion  A Challenge of 1 million Korean Tourists to Taiwan
News 2017/6/7
Date 2017/06/07 - 2017/06/07
Organizer Tourism and Travel Department, New Taipei City Government
Press Release by the Tourism and Travel Department of New Taipei City Government June 7, 2017
New Taipei City and EVA Air Jointly Went to Korea for Another Tourism Promotion
A Challenge of 1 Million Korean Tourists to Taiwan
The Mysterious Guest Bad Badtz-Maru Went on Stage Showed Off his Handsome Looks
Korean Oppa (male) and Oni (female) Bloggers are Full of Anticipation for the Journey to Taiwan.

[New Taipei City] Today (the 7th) the Deputy Secretary-General of New Taipei City Government Qiu Jing-bin led the group to Korea for another joint tourism promotion with the EVA Air for New Taipei City. In addition to giving the generous concessions on the flight + hotel individual travel products that are packed with extra 8,000 gift pouches with NTD 20 thousand added value, the winners of two sets of EVA Air Seoul to Taipei round-trip tickets will be drawn in the “2017 Hana Tour Show” held during 8th to 11th. It's hoped to boost the sales popularity for a grand attraction making more Korean tourists to Taiwan and the challenge of achieving the record-breaking goal of “1 million Korean tourists to Taiwan”!
In recent years, Enthusiastic exchanges between the people of Taiwan and South Korea, the number of tourists visiting both countries increased from 1.17 million in 2015 to 1.71 million in 2016 with the growth rate up to 45%, which indicates that under the progressive promotions and intense interaction by both countries, this year the number of tourists visiting both countries is expected to break the record. The New Taipei City Government with seeing the strong market potential, the travel recommendation event of another collaborative tourism promotion with the EVA Air was held at the Lotte Hotel Seoul for the launch of the Top 10 Photo-Taking Secret Routes with the “Travel with Bad Badtz-Maru is awesome, The best place to travel in New Taipei City!” flight + hotel 4 days 3 nights individual travel package products priced from NT 14,500 (tax excluded); the each of the first 8,000 tourists that purchases the travel package can get an extra gift pouch including concessions for 50 selected stores with value worth up to NT 20 thousand, thus to make the journey to Taiwan bring Korean tourists fun, convenient and value-added enjoyment.
The Representative of Taipei Mission in Korea Shi Ding and the President Chief Executive Officer of Sanrio Global Asia Kawai Yoshifumi, the delegates of Korean Tourism Organization and the Korean Tourism Association all jointly attended the grand event. On the that day, the mysterious guest “Bad Badtz-Maru” went on stage, showing off his handsome look and intensely interacted with the guests on site while taking happy group snap-shots, relaxing, impressive and interesting performance. Immediately afterwards, the launching ceremony was started by the joint collaboration of the delegates and distinguished guests from the New Taipei City Government, the Eva Air and Korean tourism industry. The large vertical banner hanging down the ceiling of the central stage written in Korean characters “Welcome to the Journey of New Taipei City in Taiwan” announced the official launch of the activity. Besides, the Deputy Secretary-General of New Taipei City Government Qiu Jing-bin and the Spokesperson of EVA Air Ke Jin-cheng played the role of Culinary Ambassador to enthusiastically recommend Korean tourist's favorite New Taipei Wenshan Pouchong tea leaves and the mango jelly made by “Shou Xin Fang”; and they personally blended a tasty, healthy, refreshing “mango jelly fresh milk tea” and strongly invited Korean tourist to try the signature local delicacies while travelling in New Taipei City!
Incorporated with the characteristics of Korean tourists who get used to collect travel information by googling on the Internet, several Korean famous Bloggers and YouTubers will be arranged to take actual journeys to New Taipei City. This year for the first time, the Instagram Bloggers with high popularity, Shootar, who was originally a professional photographer and frequently invited to take experience travels in different countries. The beautiful scenic photos he shot always wins great feedback and discussion once being posted. For the coming journey to New Taipei City, Shootar indicated that he has heard his friends mentioning about New Taipei City with comments, “fun, easy shopping, good price and good tastes”, so he has been longing for travelling Taiwan. This time he would like to take practical visits to New Taipei City for the searches of the attractions that create New Taipei City's popularity and uniqueness; moreover, Korean Blogger who has recognized by Korean Naver blog as the most influential blogger in the category of travel, Jayoung Lee, who has managed a travel blogger for more than 12 years. She has ever worked for an airline company, official travel department and the tourism industry and was mainly in charge of planning trips to Asia, so she is really familiar with the Asian tourism market. From the last impression of travelling the New Taipei City, Jayoung Lee indicated that she enjoys Wulai hot spring so much, such atmosphere of staying away from the noisy displeasure, a great moment enjoying the hot spring with beautiful mountain landscapes and experiencing the nature surrounded by the mountains, which is the wonderfulness that never found in other countries. It's hoped that this time through the real-time audio and video sharing and recommendations on the Internet, more Korean tourist will be attracted to explore New Taipei City and feel the versatile feature glamor exclusively found in New Taipei City.
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