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2017 Happiness Farmland Tour. Shuangxi Easy Trip Registration is Available from September 26!

2017 Happiness Farmland Tour. Shuangxi Easy Trip  Registration is Available from September 26!
News 2017/9/26
Date 2017/09/26 - 2017/12/31
Organizer Tourism and Travel Department, New Taipei City Government
Press Release by Tourism and Travel Department, New Taipei City Government
2017 Happiness Farmland Tour. ˙Shuangxi Easy Trip
Registration is Available from September 26!
Fun Farmland and Agri-Food·Slow Brewing & Tasty Food·Wushan Township Rustic Sentiment·Visual Journey to Dingshuangxi
Dear friends who are passionate about travelling, are you still wondering where to spend during the consecutive national holidays, Mid-Autumn Festival and Double Ten Day? Should you go release sky lanterns in Pingxi or go devouring seafood in Gongliao? Do you know there's a secret spot in Shuangxi? "Go passing Pingxi and stop before reaching Gongliao"-- In fact, Shuangxi is only 15 to 20 minutes drive away from the popular scenic spots, Pingxi and Gongliao, and it's the core of "Ping Shuang Gong Circle Trip". Take an easy trip with simultaneous experiences of multiple sensational enjoyment, including "Culture of Railway", "Farmland & Agri-Food", "Life of Mountain Town" and "Seaside Landscape".

"Happiness Farmland Tour·Shuangxi Easy Trip" is the private recommendation made by the Tourism and Travel Department of New Taipei City Government. It was launched last year and won tourists' appreciation. This year, besides the Classic One-Day Tour Package for continuation, the Two-Day Slow Life Tour Package is an exploit combination of bed and breakfasts and the local guided tours. Tourists will be guided to climb high and gaze far on autumn days, harvest vegetable from the farm, taste seasonal "cuisine", go wandering of humanity, visit secret paths hidden in the forest as well as local farmlands. Moreover, for the first time ever, scheduled guided activities are held regularly every weekend. Shuangxi's Farmland Sensation is promoted through the multi-attribute model of tourism. Also, it's hoped that tourists can stay in Shuangxi for a longer time, so that they can adapt to the local living pace and find themselves a farm of happiness in their minds.
Slow down a bit! Let your soul keep up the pace.
When farmers step onto the natural organic soil in Shaungxi, they use their hands to harvest the green vegetables nourished by Shuangxi's clean and clear water quality in the pure and clean air. The fresh vegetables cooked with natural herbs, spices and seasonings allow the tourists to eat fresh, eat like a local and eat seasonal food! Follow the hosts of a bed and breakfasts to their house in Pingxi, tourists can experience the "Living of "Authentic Shuangxi", taste the afternoon tea snacks made from local food materials, wander on the walking trail in the neighborhood of the bed and breakfast. After meals, tourists can sit or lie under a dome of darkness to observe the starry night, listen to the frogs croaking and the Formosan Barking Deer whistling, they can sip a freshly brewed tea, chat everything with the hosts of bed and breakfasts. Take a journey to Shuangxi and make friends with the residents of Shuangxi for a slow fun and slow travel! The living style of rustic slow life creates an experience of harmonious symbiotic people-nature relationship, and the tourists will become the best examples living in Satoyama Life.

Happiness Farmland Tour·Shuangxi Easy Trip
In October, the Tourism and Travel Department, in collaboration with the local shops and stores, farmlands, farm resorts and bed and breakfasts, will launch four major feature tour packages themed with "Happiness Farmland Tour·Shuangxi Easy Trip". Guided by the local tour guides, tourists can take deep-going experiences of abundant local ecological natural environment, seasonal cuisine and humanity sensation, a feature tour combining local culture and LOHAS (Lifestyles of Health and Sustainability):

[Package Tour 1: One-Day Fun Farmland & Agri-Food]
In the early morning, tourists will arrive the Sangang Nature Farm, and they inspect the vegetable farms under morning sunlight, experience the fun of hand-harvesting vegetables, then drink a bowl of freshly made, aromatic, sweet and smooth-textured Xiancao (grass jelly). Afterwards, they will go to the Zhuanggongshen Ancient House with more than a hundred year history, and the Zhuang Family descendants will introduce the prosperous situation in Shuangxi in the early years. At noon, tourists will enjoy Shuangxi's authentic local cuisine at Chahua Resort (Camellia Resort). In the afternoon, with the pace similar to the local living style, tourists will visit downtown Shuangxi, and they can search for the old-time atmosphere at traditional blacksmith's shop and Linyihetang, a Chinese medicine shop. Next, the tourists will approach the old ferry wharf to listen to the proud stories about Zhou Bu-chan, the owner of the Zhou Family Ancient House. From here, tourists can overlook the ruins of Donghe Theater on the other side of the river to remember the good old days.

[Tour Package 2: One-Day Slow Brewing & Tasty Food]
Before noon, tourists can get to downtown to feel the hustle and bustle atmosphere in the morning market. The spread of fragrant scent from the Haishan Bakery fills the air and freshly baked yellowish-orange agar-jelly pudding cakes are displayed for sale in the bakery; after making a turn, tourists can approach to Sanzhong Temple, Taiwan's only temple that worships "Three Heroes of the Late Song Dynasty", Wen Tian-xiang, Lu Xiu-fu and Zhang Shi-jie, and it's also the religious center of the residents in Shuangxi. At noon, tourists can enjoy feature cuisine at Pinglin Leisure Farm, and they can view the abundant ecological landscape in the farm area. Next, tourists will go to a blossom paradise named Houyu Farm (Natural Food Laboratory), which is located in Zhangyuan Village, the wonderful environment with mountain and river landscape; right here, people can try the enzyme brewed slowly by the owner Mr. Zhuang to feel the power of natural food, and the tourists seem to become a part of green mountain and river.

[Tour Package 3: One-Day Wushan Township Rustic Sentiment]
In the early morning, tourists will go to Taiping Village with the largest coverage of Shuangxi, they can overlook the Pacific Ocean and Gongliao Bay from Lanpingqianli 500 meters above sea level. When the way winding into Wushan, the mysterious veil of Taiping secret spot will be removed. Tourists can visit the Letian Farm, which is jointly created by brothers of Family Wu. It's a farm featuring life, production and ecology. Tourists should never miss the authentic rustic cuisines. The self-planted mushrooms, fungus and vegetables by Family Wu will make all tourists eat a sense of happiness, simple and less intense. In the afternoon, tourists will visit the forest secret spot that gives striking surprise to the ecology experts, they will feel the primitive appearance the same as ancient epochs to know the dipteris conjugata, a fern existing in the world since Jurassic Period. On the return trip, tourist will drop by the Chengshi Store (a shop without a cashier at the checkout counter) to experience the honest trading mode.

[Package Tour 4: Two-Day Visual Journey to Dingshuangxi]
You will be led to use the pace of slow life to experience the most authentic local Satoyama Life. On the first day, tourists will be led to visit the beautiful County Road No. 102, starting from Buyanting to overlook Shuangxi area, Ruifang District and the coastline, then they go down the mountain to reach Mudan Village for a tranquil visit to a secret spot. At noon, tourists go downtown and enjoy their lunch, they use the pace similar to the local life style in the touring around downtown Shuangxi, at the traditional blacksmith's shop and the Linyihetang Chinese, medicine shop, tourists can search for the old-time atmosphere. Tourists will be arranged to stay in a feature bed and breakfast in Shuangxi, they can soak in a natural and leisurely atmosphere and chat about fun stories in life with the host of bed and breakfast.
The next day morning, tourists can gracefully taste the happiness breakfast carefully cooked with local food materials to relief themselves from worries in their life. After breakfast, tourists will go to Taiping Village, which has the largest coverage of Shuangxi, they overlook the Pacific Ocean and Gongliao from Lanpinggianli 500 meters above sea level. Tourists go forward, they will reach Taiping Farmers' Market and taste the cuisine cooked with seasonal food materials. Next, they will go to Ganjiao Community and listen to old ladies telling stories about the coal mine, where they make living for the family. At last, tourists will go home with bringing the interactive sensation of mountain and people.
Study Tour of Dingshuangxi- Free-of-Charge Regular Guided Tour on Weekends
The downtown area of Shuangxi is the focus of visitors abroad, food, drinks, shopping and fun are all available here. In order to expand the attractiveness of local tourism, this year, the Tourism and Travel Department has coordinated the professional and passionate local guides, the free-of-charge regular guided activities at downtown Shuangxi will be held starting from September 30; every Saturday and Sunday, two sessions of two-hour guided tours will be held at 10 am and 2 pm with a limited availability of 20 people (including the 10 people registering online in advance and the 10 people registering on site). Whoever takes the train to Shuangxi can use an easy pace to listen to the local people telling the most authentic local stories.
Limited Tour Package is available for sale·Welcome your registration.
" Happiness Farmland Tour·Shuangxi Easy Trip" with 1,400 availabilities. The first batch of groups will set off every Thursday, Friday, Saturday and Sunday during the end of September to November 2017. Each group offers 20~28 availabilities, and the registration is available from 3pm, September 26, 2017.
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