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2017 Pingxi Sky Lantern Festival

2017 Pingxi Sky Lantern Festival
News 2017/1/19
Date 2017/02/11 - 2017/02/11
Organizer Tourism and Travel Department
2017 Pingxi Sky Lantern Festival Come to Pingxi!
As an international standard tourist site, Pingxi is ranked among the top ten popular sites for foreigners visiting Taiwan!
【New Taipei City News】 Have you decided on your travel destination for the Chinese New Year holidays? Come to Pingxi with family and friends! Today (January 10th), New Taipei City Government has arranged a press conference for the “2017 Pingxi Sky Lantern Festival”, which will be held on February 11th (Lantern Festival) and October 4th (Mid-Autumn Festival). In addition, a series of events that spread throughout the entire year will also be arranged in Pingxi’s local business district, enabling tourists to make the most out of their visit. Japan-Taiwan Exchange Association and the children from Taipei Japanese School and New Taipei City Municipal Shifen Elementary School were also invited to the occasion to welcome tourist to Pingxi.

Yeh Hui-ching, the Deputy Mayor of New Taipei City Government, stated that after several years of promotion, Pingxi Sky Lantern Festival has attracted a large number of tourists both domestic and abroad and has received international praise and recognition. According to the latest statistics provided by the Tourism Bureau of the Ministry of Transportation and Communications, Pingxi was ranked among the top ten most popular sites for foreign free individual travelers for the first time in 2016. In the same year, the ten-millionth foreign visitor visiting Taiwan was a Korean couple who were visiting Taiwan for their honeymoon. The couple also planned to visit Pingxi to release sky lanterns. Last year, Pingxi was also selected by National Geographic magazine as one of the recommended sites among the “Best Winter Trips 2016,” proving the popularity and charm for international tourists. From the above examples, it is shown that with the effort from public sectors and local groups, the Sky Lantern Festival has gradually transformed from a characteristic folk event to a global event with international representativeness. Apart from the Sky Lantern Festival, foreign tourists from varying nations are seen in Pingxi at different times of the year, filling the place with bustling noise and liveliness. Pingxi is not only known for its Sky Lantern Festivals, but also the beautiful natural sceneries and rich culture and history. Local shops and associations have also presented a series of characteristic local events, joining forces to promote tourism in the Pingxi area and introducing the beauty of Pingxi to more and more people.

Chen Kuo-chun, director of the New Taipei City Tourism and Travel Department, also stated that after many years of vigorous promotion, Pingxi is filled with foreign tourists all year round. Therefore, after gaining local approval and consensus and aiming for local development, the tradition of releasing sky lanterns during the Lantern Festival in Shifen area is preserved, while a second session is arranged during the Mid-Autumn Festival. Promotions about Pingxi will continue throughout the entire year, prolonging the promotion period so that the tourism popularity will be preserved in the Pingxi area.

A significant rise in the number of Japanese and Korean tourists Tourism cooperation between Japan-Taiwan Exchange Association: working together to create the large main lantern

Pingxi is a popular location among foreign visitors. In recent years, there has been a significant rise in the number of Japanese and Korean tourists. Noting this phenomenon, Japan-Taiwan Exchange Association, which recently changed its title, was invited to participate in this event on February 11th. In addition, the pupils of Taipei Japanese School and New Taipei City Municipal Shifen Elementary School joined hands in creating the drawings on the large main lantern, which was released on the day of the event, a gesture that expressed the sustainable friendship between the tourism industry of Taiwan and Japan while also bringing blessings to the whole world. On February 11th starting at 10 am, free lantern releasing tickets will be handed out on site. Visitors who wish to witness the grand scene of hundreds of lanterns being released at the same time should take note and not miss this opportunity!

Connecting and Sharing Happiness throughout Pingxi: A Series of Activities in the Local Business District of Pingxi

Before the opening of the Lantern Festival events, the business district of Pingxi has arranged warming up events during the Chinese New Year holidays as the opening for the series of annual activities, so that tourists who visit Pingxi can leave with happy memories.

The characteristic series of events of the business district of Pingxi includes the “Pingxi- Jingtong Sky Lantern Trail” event on Saturday, February 4th and Sunday, February 5th. Lanterns will be released at 18:00 and 19:00 on the day of the event, with two sessions that release 88 lanterns in total. Furthermore, the electronic stamp collection event of “Wali Electronic Stamp Competition” will be starting on January 28th for one month. Participants who collect 5 electronic stamps during the period of the event can receive exquisite gifts and enter a prize draw. Starting February 28th, the seasonal “Hide and Seek with the Sound of Bells” and “Recycled Lantern Bamboo DIY” events will encourage visitors to stop by Pingxi in different seasons to experience the multivariate and unique charm of Pingxi.

Apart from the merry Lantern Festival sessions, visitors are also welcome to another session arranged on Mid-Autumn Festival October 4th, an event that combines the happy elements of the traditional festival and the imagery of reunion, peace, and blessings of the sky lantern.

2017 Pingxi Sky Lantern Festival Event Information Date: Lantern Festival, Saturday, February 11th, 2017 Time: 18:00-20:30 Location: New Taipei City Pingxi District Shifen Square (No.136, Nanshanping, Pingxi District, New Taipei City)

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