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New Taipei City is Once Again Open to Collaborating with EVA Air For the First Time Ever, the Most Preferential Joint Concession is Launched to Attracts the Korean Tourists

New Taipei City is Once Again Open to Collaborating with EVA Air  For the First Time Ever, the Most Preferential Joint Concession is Launched to Attracts the Korean Tourists
News 2017/6/1
Date 2017/06/01 - 2017/06/30
Organizer Tourism and Travel Department, New Taipei City Government
Press Release by the Tourism and Travel Department of New Taipei City Government  June 1, 2017
New Taipei City is once again open to collaborating with EVA Air  For the First Time Ever, the Most Preferential Joint Concession is Launched to Attracts the Korean Tourists
Travel with Bad Badtz-Maru  A Challenge aims for the Record-Breaking 1 Million Korean Tourists to Taiwan
In recent years, enthusiastic exchanges between the people of Taiwan and South Korea become boosted, the number of the Korean tourists to Taiwan has increased from 520 thousand people in 2014 to 880 thousand people last year with a continuous 4-year growth in the rate exceeding 20%. From January to April this year, the accumulated number of Korean tourists to Taiwan has exceeded 370 thousand people, with the growth rate exceeding 34%. To extend last year's well-reputed results of the good experiences and successful market effectiveness. This year, the New Taipei City Government and EVA Air have announced another collaboration that launches Top 10 Secret Beautiful Photo-Taking Routes with Flight + Hotel Individual Travel Package themed “Wonderful Travel with Bad Badtz-Maru, the most attractive spots in New Taipei City!” for 4 days 3 nights priced NTD 14,500 (tax excluded). Each of the first 8,000 tourists that purchases the travel package can get an extra gift pouch worth up to NTD 20,000. It's expected to attract more Korean tourists to take sightseeing trips in New Taipei City.
Since 2009, the New Taipei City Government and EVA Air have several collaborative experiences of overseas travel promotions that had achieved great effectiveness. This year on June 7, both parties will head to Seoul, Korea again to hold the event of travel recommendation for officially publicize the value-added concessional travel products. Also, in the “2017 Hana Tour Show” held in Seoul at the “KINTEX Korean International Exhibition & Convention Center” during June 8 to 11, a face-to-face promotion will introduce New Taipei City's attractions and wonderfulness to the Korean.
Today, the travel agencies of the Greater Taipei Area (also known as the Taipei-Keelung metropolitan area) jointly attended the pre-departure press conference as a practical action that supports and welcomes the visits of Korean Tourists. This time, the gift pouch with the super integration of 50 partners, including the leading brands ranging from transportation, telecommunication, museum, souvenir, tourism factory and livelihood; also, there are some first-time participating enterprises including the 7-ELEVEN Co., Ltd, the eslite Corporation, the KKday and the Momentum. The Secretary-General of New Taipei City Government Qiu Jing-bin, the Director of Tourism and Travel Department Chen Guo-jun and the Spokesperson of EVA Air Ke Jin-cheng jointly activated the Beauty Camera to show passionate welcoming Korean Tourists for taking beautiful photos anywhere in New Taipei City. It's expected to work together with each industry for achieving the challenge aiming to the promotional goal of 1 million Korean tourists to Taiwan.
The Director of Tourism and Travel Department Chen Guo-jun indicated that Korean tourists not only prefer the individual travels, but they also enjoy taking photos very much, thus we have considerately planned the Top 10 Photo-Taking Secret Routes this year to lead Korean Tourists to further experiences of a different New Taipei City. In corporation with the characteristics of the Korean tourists who get used to collect travel information by googling on the Internet, this year we have also invited several famous Korean bloggers and YouTubers to take actual journeys to New Taipei City. Through the real-time audio and video sharing and recommendations on the Internet, it's hoped to attract more Korean tourists to travel over New Taipei City's beautiful landscapes, exquisite culture and signature foods. This time, with EVA Air's great supports, New Taipei City tourism promotional film “An exploration of New Taipei City in Taiwan” is added into the program list of the EVA Air's in-flight entertainment system, “Travel Observation”, a self-selected film for passengers to watch, thus all tourists worldwide travelling with EVA Air can preview the beauty of New Taipei City.
The Spokesperson of the EVA Air Ke Jin-cheng indicated that, since 2015, EVA Air has increasing growth of the number of flights bounding for Korean. At present, there are 25 regular flights every week travelling between Taipei and Seoul, and 1 flight daily is with the aircraft, Bad Bad Badtz-Maru Travel Fun Jet, whose colorful and lively painting covering the aircraft and its cuteness and unique essentials served in flight as well as the products ranging from the aircraft painting to the inflight essential all deliver pleasing funs of exploring the world while on vacation. For incorporation with the event, EVA Air launches the flight + hotel 4 days 3 nights individual travel product priced from NTD 14,500. Such value added, convenient, attractive travel products incorporating with the beautiful mountain and water landscape as well as exquisite and humanistic abundance, it's believed to successfully attract Korean tourists to take sightseeing tours in New Taipei City for a win-win situation!
The EVA Air's launched painted jets in 2005 and have left 10 millions of passengers countless wonderful memories; besides gaining attention and report from international medias, the airline has won international recognitions including the winning of the “World's Top 8 Biggest and Most Amazing Painted Aircrafts”, the “Outstanding Customized Service” and the “Global Jet Painting Design”. Four brand-new jets painted with the characters of the Sanrio Family, including the Bad Badtz-Maru Travel Fun Jet, the Joyful Dream Jet, the Celebration Flight and the Friendship Flight (scheduled in the middle of June) will join flights with the Gudetama Jet Comfort Flight, the Sanrio Family Hand in Hand Jet, and the Hello Kitty Shinny Star Jet to different destinations around the world and bring innovated and fantastic fun journeys for the passengers.
After observation, the New Taipei City Government has found out that Korean tourists get the information about Taiwan mostly through movies and TV programs, and their trips when travelling in Taiwan are mainly determined in the areas introduced by the bloggers, such as Taipei 101, Tamsui, Yehliu, Jiufen, Pingxi and etc. Their preference of local delicacies and restaurants regularly visited are Tamsui Castella Cake, hand-made beverage shops in the neighborhood of the Yehliu Geopark, Taiwanese-style milk tea available in the convenience stores, deep fried tofu (Lao pi nun zhou) , and minced pork with dried bean curd available in the famous Sichuan-style restaurants. It was discovered accidently that Korean tourists are very interested in the Lin Family Mansion and Garden, a Qing Dynasty Mansion with a glorious garden constructed in classical Chinese style, which includes pavilions and gazebos, and man-made mountains and water features. Recently the number of Korean tourists was obviously increasing, and it attracts many Korean tourists to enter the park and enjoy the landscapes.
In order to attract more Korean tourists to take individual Travels to Taiwan, the New Taipei City Government and EVA Air jointly launched the most preferential concession of the Flight + Hotel travel pack with a value-added gift pouch, which focuses to satisfy tourists’ needs by the integration of the resources of tourism industry including telecommunication, transportations, souvenirs, famous scenic spots, museums, tourism factories and etc. in a total value up to NTD 20 thousand. In addition to giving the generous gifts, a box of Korean’s most preferable mango jelly by the Korean tourists and the a coupon to deduct the purchase of the “Chunghwa Telecom” prepaid SIM card for Internet connection essential is provided to the individual travelers to share their thoughts, upload photos and find the directions. They are also given a coupon to deduct NTD 300 coupon chartered service fee provided by “Taiwan Taxi Tour” that ensures tourists a safer and deeper travel method with higher mobility to secret scenic spots in New Taipei City and provides higher travel industry liability insurance increased from 2 million to 3 million as well as the accident and health insurance increased from 100 thousand to 200 thousand. The concessional 1-day travel is provided by the “KKday”, a first-time collaboration with 7-ELEVEN and its reinvest corporations, including a free redeeming coupon for coffee. “icash” has also launched the Love Taiwan cards designed exclusively for the event and added a one-week ibon wifi card. A free redeeming coupon for a facial mask and a coupon on discounts for numerous Korean tourist's favorite products at “Cosmed”. Moreover, “Carrefour”, one of the must-gos for the Korean tourists, has launch concessions on numerous Taiwanese local delicacies to ensure all Korean tourists having great time in Taiwan as well as enjoying the absolute bargain services.
Other than frequent travel destinations for Korean tourists, such as Pingxi, Suitsinku (Shueinandong, Jinguashi and Jiufen) and the North Coast of Taiwan, New Taipei City Government has enlisted the use of many Instagram New Taipei City photo check-in secret spots, the popular scenic spots with great fames, including Earless Teapot Mountain Hiking Trail, the Shitoushan Trail, the Twin Candlesticks Islets, the Tamsui pastor's building, the Shanjia Railway Station and etc., thus to considerately design 10 beautiful photo-taking routes recommended to Korean tourists for shooting pieces of photos with beautiful landscapes and atmosphere. In particular, on the “Sanxia-Yingge” route of hand touch creative cultural and industry, the century-old historic sites, “Shanjia Railway Station” renovated in 2017 has attracted more than 10 thousands of tourists. There is a small departure-waiting room with gravel -mixed walls in the renovated “Shanjia Railway Station”, which is a simple but complex architecture with Japanese and western styles; especially some travelers taking photos of sitting in the departure-waiting room with kimonos creates an atmosphere like the time of Japanese Occupied Period and accidently makes the place a new popular photo-taking scenic spots and one of the hot searches on the Internet. Additionally, the classical must-go nostalgic mountain town, “Ruifang”, with the “Contemporary Art Museum located on the route of exploring the secret and historic culture has a great outdoor view to capture the mountains and ocean landscapes in the surroundings by camera, including the “13-story refinery historic sites”, the vast ocean view and etc. making people feel refreshing and pleased. It's expected that deeper journeys to New Taipei City for Korean Tourists in a way of strolling while viewing and exploring the secret scenic spots in New Taipei City can be visited again and again, and every journey can make tourists see a different New Taipei City out of anticipation.