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New Taipei City Summer Cooling Party- Top 9 Cooling Easy Touring Routes for Summer Days

New Taipei City Summer Cooling Party- Top 9 Cooling Easy Touring Routes for Summer Days
News 2017/6/29
Date 2017/06/29 - 2017/08/31
Organizer Tourism and Travel Department, New Taipei City Government
Press Release by the Tourism and Travel Department, New Taipei City Government June 29, 2017
New Taipei City Summer Cooling Party- Best 9 Cooling Easy Touring Routes for Summer Days
Best 3 Selected Themes: Riverside Music Light Spots, Cooling Mountain Waterfall Forest, Parent-Child Riverside Park

[New Taipei City] Going to an Indulging party during hot summer days is a must! Tourism and Travel Department, New Taipei City Government has exclusively launch the New Taipei limited summer cooling party with best 3 selected themed tours: riverside musical light-carving, refreshing and cooling mountain waterfall forest and parent-child riverside park with a total of 9 routes. All are included here, nothing hidden! No matter whether you have a desire to enjoy romantic water bay landscapes including the Bali Left Bank Light Spots, or want to stay away from displeasure but escape the heat in the mountain waterfall forest for breathing phytoncide to rinse off the summer heat, or leisurely taking children for outings during the long summer vocation by riding water bus to enjoy the ocean wind breezing in the summer to your content.... No more hesitation, it's definitely right to visit the New Taipei!

Theme 1: Sumer Vacation Limited! Water-Friendly New Taipei Gives You a cool summer.
Coastal Fun Pleasure, Refreshing and Cool
Soak in the Musical Light Spots of Romance

There's nothing else but to have water fun in summer! New Taipei City on the waterfront enjoys one-of-a-kind exquisite view of water bay, the worldwide famous scenic attractions including Tamsui Bali and Fulong Beach and etc.
This summer New Taipei City Government will add more excitement through light and sound! Tamsui Left Bank will appear in a different landscape; the first-time-ever LED colorful light ornaments are used to transform the ground to the river bank of “Bali Light Spots of Romance” during July 1 to August 31 to create a sense of sensation through the experience of breeze in the summer nights at the riverside and the waving lights shining from the romantic light ornaments. Counting the tempo with the waves, soak in screams and shout out loud to your heart’s content while lingering in the lyrics sung in the “Ho-hai-yan Rock Festival” held during July 28 to July 30. As to the period between July 8 to August 20, the spirit of ocean continuously go wild, every weekend night, go to Tamsui the “ Fisherman's Wharf”, the performing bands on stage are great, so you can swing along the independent music for the whole summer!

★ Route 1: Tamsui Golden River Bank/Tamsui Old Street→Tamsui Art Workshop→Tamsui Customs Whart→Tamsui Fort San Domingo→Tamsui Fisherman's Wharf→Fisherman's Stage
★ Route 2: Tamsui→Tamsui Waziwei Nature Reserve Area→The Shihsanhang Museum of Archaeology→Bali Old Street
★ Route 3: Fulong Station→Yuanwankeng Water-Friendly Park→Lingjiao Mountain Wusen Monsastry→Old Caoling Tunnel/Old Caoling Loop Bike Trail→Maoao Fisherman's Village→Sijiaoku Observatory→Fulong Beach (New Taipei City Gongliao Rock Festival)

Theme 2: Summer Limited! Tour of Water Trail and Secret Spots
Take a deep breath of negative ion for cooling down the heat and the fun in reduced temperature.

During the hot summer days, it's suggested to visit New Taipei City Waterfall Trail for a refreshing cooling “summer” with a slow roaming in the baptism of nature. Stop taking it for granted about the waterfall landscape in New Taipei City is only found in “Shifen Waterfall”. There are many waterfall trails as beautiful as the ones abroad, such as “Mt. Lingjiaoliao Walking Trail”, where people standing in front of “Wanggu Waterfall” to observe its magnificence and enjoy the fun of crossing the river and listening to the gurgle of stream for an actual experience of the tranquil atmosphere among the mountain and forest. “Shifen Waterfall” that gets its nickname as “Niagara Fall” absorbs large amount of negative ion, and on the sunny days after raining, maybe you will be lucky enough to see a rainbow crossing the waterfall, a beautiful as a fairyland. Walking along the “Sandiaoling Waterfall Trail” surrounded by greenish forest, the landscapes including waterfall groups, cliff, Churn holes and rock caves make the place rich in natural wild atmosphere; “Pinlin Fern Trail” known as the parent-child trail is famous for its river landscapes and fern ecology, and its abundant botanical landscapes have become an attractive signature; “Shuangxi Hubao Pond ” has clear water quality that offers a view to the bottom, and it's surrounding by a cooling and quiet environment.
Welcome to spend your hot summer days touring New Taipei City Waterfall Trails! Away from the city and hidden in the mountains and forests, you can get close to the waterfall, listen to the sound of fast-flowing stream falling from above and face to feel the water vapor, which is so cooling and comfortable that your weariness will be washed off for a tour of heat and fat reduction with healthy results.

★ Route1 (Taiwan Tourist Shuttle- Mucha Pingxi Line): Jingtong Old Street→Pingxi Old Street→Mt. Lingjiaoliao Waliking Trail→Wanggu Waterfall→Shifen Waterfall
★ Route 2:Shuangxi Old Street→Hubao Pond→Houtong Cat Village→Sandiaoliing Waterfall Trail
★ Route 3:Pinglin Fish and Fern Trail→Tea Museum→Wulai Old Street→Wulai Waterfall→Bitan Scenic Area

Theme 3: Must-Gos in Summer Vacation! Parent-Child River Bank Exercise Tour
Educational Tour of Nature and Humanity River Bank Landscape and Cycling Fun

Children's most expected summer vacation is coming! Are you still worrying about finding no places for kids to exercise? Situated in the suburb, the riverside park is always a hot spot for kids to exercise. The vast green grass ground along the river equipped with a variety of recreational facilities. Also, a cycling path that links the whole areas of the park is the most suitable option for parents and children to spend a great time together during summer vacation, thus the children living in the urban area can give themselves to the full contents in the landscapes different from the city.
Each Riverbank Park build along the river has individual signature. “Sunshine Sports Park” located in Xindian is equipped with all kinds of child entertainment facility, it's the most heat-reduction water-friendly entertainment park. Also, at night, it's a good place to appreciate the beautiful night view of the Sunshine Bridge. Located in Yonghe, “Green Light River Park” has not only the game courts and a sand pit, where children play the castle-buildup to their pleasure, there is also a landscape tide pond with a versatile ecology, which is a good place for both education and fun. “New Taipei Metropolitan Park” with a very large coverage, there is many art installations in the Happy Water Park suitable for parents and children or lovers taking photos, and people can ride bikes with family to the Duck Landscape Park themed with the water duck artificial landscapes and check out various kinds of cute comic duck creations. It's suggested to ride to the Zhongxiao Wharf for a ride of water bus, and it's an enjoyment with breezes for spending a romantic summer time. Additionally, New Taipei City Government has created a brand-new Butterfly Landscape Park recently, it will be open to the public before the end of July, thus people can visit the Jiangcuilijian Riverside Park and stroll around the butterfly-shaped trail to appreciate the beautiful flower sea!

★ Route 1: Bitan Scenic Area→Sunshine Sports Park→Sunshine Bridge
★ Route 2:Yong He Soy Milk King→Yangsanlang Modern Art Museum→Green Light Riverside Park→Yonghe Korean Street
★ Route:New Taipei Metropolitan →Zhongxiao Wharf→Duck/Butterfly Landscape Park→Sanhe Night Market