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2017 New Taipei City Century-Old Shanjia.Easy Rail Tour

2017 New Taipei City Century-Old Shanjia.Easy Rail Tour
News 2017/5/4
Date 2017/05/05 - 2017/09/30
Organizer Tourism and Travel Department, New Taipei City Government
Press Release by the Tourism and Travel Department of New Taipei City Government May 4, 2017
2017 New Taipei City Century-Old Shanjia.Easy Rail Tour

Located in Shulin District, New Taipei City and originally served as a base for transporting coal, “Shanjia Station” had a mining boom during the Japanese occupied period. As the mining industry declined, the population shifted, and it is now the best testimony to the local history. In February 2017, the station was reopened to its century-old glamor after the cooperative renovation project executed by Taiwan Railway Administration and the New Taipei City Government for reserving the original style of the old station whose complex architecture combining Japanese and Western elements. The Tourism and Travel Department of New Taipei city Government has taken the “Shanjia Station” as the main core spot of the project that connects its neighborhood including the Shanjia Rail Park, the Weapon Park, the Hakka Cultural Hall, the local craft food, the Lujiao River Wetland Ecosystem, and Dahan River Left Bank Bike Path and Mountain Trail. The implementation of new Tourism style enables the general public using the ways of walking, mountain hiking, Ubike riding along the dual-rail or bus riding to enjoy the journey of “Century-old Shanjia.Easy Rail Tour”.

“Century-old Shanjia.Easy Rail Tour” has a selection of routes divided into “four major package tours” – Nostalgic Rail Tour, Humanistic and Ecological Tour, Forest Breath & Mountain-Friendly Tour and Green Cycling Tour. Visitors will be led to the experience of unique historic humanism and the atmosphere of Nostalgia, beauty of natural ecology. Also, through the fun experience of visiting traditional crafting process and hand craft activities, visitors can take a deep educational rail tour linking Shanjia, Shulin and Yingge area. There are a total of 1,800 availabilities, and each participant registering the Easy Shanjia Rail Tour will be given an event excusive limited souvenir towel with the signature of Teacher Liu Ke-xiang!

The Nostalgic Rail and the Humanistic Ecological Tour
The Century-Old Shanjia Easy Rail Tour is designed into two routes, Nostalgic Rail Tour and Humanistic Ecological Tour are both aiming at the visit of Shanjia Station and the guiding tour of Rail Park and the Weapon Park in the neighborhood as well as the some must-taste local delicacies, and the Hakka Cultural Hall, where visitors can learn Hakka style cooking tips from the female residents living in the community and make monascus thick rice noodles and experience the wrapping DIY of wormwood caozaiguo (cake). Visitors are suggested to take a teatime break at the BRUNCH cafe starting up by a young man who were raised in the neighborhood and try some delicacies with old-time signature flavor delicacies on the street around Shanjia as well. The tours are the combination of the handmaking DIY experiences held by the tourism factories in the surrounding areas of Shanxia and Yingge, including knowing the culture of ceramic crafts and making handmade soap for oneself! A lot varieties of tasty food and fun DIY of crafting with educational contents are ready for your experience!

The Forest Breath & Mountain-Friendly Tour
The Shulin District that is situated in Linkou Plateau with mountain ranges including Dadong Mountain, Qinglong Hill, Datong Mountain and Shulin Mountain has rich landscapes with seasonal variations. Dadong Mountain is the highest peak of the Linkou Plateau mountain range, with the highest point in the triangle and listed in the list of the 100 Peaks of Taiwan. The Qinglong Hill is renowned for its great scenic overlook. Because of the distances between the peaks are not far apart, and the slopes are rather gentle, the trail crossing the mountain range is a popular hiking path in the local area. The Easy Mountain Hiking Tour is a path recommended by Teacher Liu Ke-xiang. A total length of 11 kilometers between the Shulin Station and the Shanjia Station, the hiking tour led by professional guides from the Shulin Mountain Association will take every visitor to take a panoramic view of the beautiful landscapes along the hill line and enjoy the natural Phytoncide.

The Green Cycling Tour
Taiwan's most unique dual-rail roaming tour, setting off from Shuling Station, the most characteristic green architecture of the Taiwan Railway Administration, by riding Ubike to the century-old Shanjia Station. Then, riding farther down the way bounding for Yingge Station with a total length of 14 kilometers and passing by three railway stations. This tour makes an ideal option for the ones who enjoy cycling roaming in the areas of Shulin and Yingge. It's suggested that people who enjoy cycling can appreciate the beautiful river bank scenery by riding a bicycle on the Dahan River Left Bank Cycling Path, visit the landscapes in the “Lujiao River Artificial Wetlands” and take an ecological touring. To fulfill a wonderful tour, visitors are suggested to visit “Sanying Fairyland/Longyao Bridge” to appreciate ceramic installation art, which is a perfect combination of relaxing activities, leisure, ecology and humanism that you should never miss! Slow-roaming style cycling is the tour integrating rail humanism and enjoyment chasing the trend of travelling.

The selected four major package tour will start to be sold from 2pm on May 5. The 24-hour online ticking system if also in service for mass public.
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