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Korean Travel Fair Has a Lively Start New Taipei City Striving to Win Opportunities for Tourism   The Hotels Owners Give Full Collaborative Supports

Korean Travel Fair Has a Lively Start New Taipei City Striving to Win Opportunities for Tourism   The Hotels Owners Give Full Collaborative Supports
News 2017/6/8
Date 2017/06/08 - 2017/06/11
Organizer Tourism and Travel Department, New Taipei City Government
Press Release by Tourism and Travel Department of New Taipei City Government June 8, 2017
Korean Travel Fair Kicks Off Lively
New Taipei City Striving to Win Opportunities for Tourism
The Hotels Owners Give Full Collaborative Supports
Free Tickets are Given Away at the Exhibition Booth
The Beautiful Photo-Taking Spots Entice Korean Tourists to the Journey of Taiwan.

[New Taipei City] Last year New Taipei City Government collaborated with EVA Air for the promotion of Korean Tourists' Journey to Taiwan, and the event ended with great performances, including the continuous large scale increasing number of foreign visitors to Taiwan. At the same time, New Taipei City has become a popular city with hot check-in scenic spots on Instagram; also, the business owners in the Greater Taipei Area as well as the general public consecutively indicated that the number of Korean is growing rapidly. Consequently, this year both parties have made another collaboration, today (the 8th) the "2017 Hana Tour Show" was announced to launch brand-new tours for Korean tourists – "Wonderful Travel with Bad Badtz-Maru to the most attractive scenic spots in New Taipei City" flight + hotel individual travel package products, which are expected to make a record-breaking number of 1 million Korean tourists to Taiwan with its successful first trial.
"2017 Hana Tour Show" held during June 8 to 11 at the KINTEX (Korea International Exhibition & Convention Center), the largest exhibition center in Seoul. Besides the domestic tourism companies in Korea, there are a total of 80 travel agencies from Japan, Taiwan, Southeast Asia, Europe and America, Middle East and Africa and over 1,000 exhibition booths and stands. It's the most important annual tourism event in Korea. New Taipei City's exhibition booth is a combination of famous scenic spots illustrations that depict Queen's Head, Fort San Domingo and A Mei Tea House with the elements of EVA Air Bad Badtz-Maru Travel Fun Jet, the distinctive design catches people's attention. The photos and videos of New Taipei City’s Best 10 Beautiful Photo-Taking Spots and Secret routes are demonstrated on site and many people stop for further queries. Meanwhile, Bad Badtz-Maru went on stage to support the show, its silly and cool looking makes people feel amused and entertained, and it has become the most eye-catching character that people name it a cute baby. The exhibition booth appearing hustle and bustle by exciting crowd eager to take group photos with it.
On the first day of the Travel Exhibition, New Taipei City has brought Korean tourists' most favorite delicacies to the venue as treats provided for the visitors to try on site. Including "Shou Xin Fang Pineapple Cake" that has ever been awarded as a souvenir gift of the Presidential Office and the word-of-mouth must-buys recommended by Korean Bloggers', such as "Nougat Cracker" and "Tamsui Fried Fish Cracker". Moreover, the hotel business owners in New Taipei City, including Fullon Hotel, Fuxin Hotel, Hotel Regalees, Hotel Intrendy, Platinum Hotel, Chateau de Chine Xinzhuang have collaborated for flourish business and given full support to the tourism in New Taipei City. Together they gave the fieriest Korean gesture of "saving you in my heart" to express a passionate welcome Korean tourist to New Taipei City. In order to boost the sales of flight + hotel individual package products, the Deputy Secretary-General of New Taipei City Government Qiu Jing-bin and the Spokesman of EVA Air Ke Jin-cheng jointly left their signature on the signboard of gift giving activity as a promise to giveaway the roundtrip EVA Air flight tickets between Seoul and Taipei, free coupon redemption of 1-day Taiwan Taxi Tour and concession 1-day travel in New Taipei City provided by "KKDay". The value-added activity has received great appreciation from many Korean people that inquired about the purchase information at the exhibition booth.
"Travel Factory", Korean’s most popular Facebook fan page ( https://www.facebook.com/travelholic1/posts/793042927545139 ) that has up to 1.6 million followers is the most leading travel guide platform in Korea. It has frequently share rich travel information nation wide and worldwide. This time, it has posted a collection of 13 beautiful photo-taking spots in New Taipei City, including Jinguanshi Earless Teapot Mountain Trail, Jinshan Shitoushan Trail, Twin Candlestick Islets and Pinglin Old Street, vigorous feedback and discussion are arisen, more than thousand people gave likes and comments as well as shared and indicated that "They are the beautiful landscapes found in New Taipei City", "Feeling so much like to buy a ticket to Taiwan". New Taipei City is one of the most frequently visited scenic spots by Korean tourists. Among them included the 10 millionth foreign visitors to Taiwan in 2016, which were a Korean newly wed couple on their 4 days 3 nights honeymoon journey to Taiwan. They have exclusively planned to visit Jiufen and Pingxi. The recommendation of beautiful photo-taking spots is expected to entice more Korean tourists to the Journey in New Taipei City.

New Taipei City Tourism Website: http://tour.ntpc.gov.tw/ko-kr
New Taipei Tours Facebook fan page: http://www.facebook.com/ntctour
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Super popular Facebook fan page "Travel Factory": https://www.facebook.com/travelholic1/posts/793042927545139