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"2018 New Taipei City Hohaiyan Gongliao Rock Festival" Detonate the soul of Rock’ N’ Roll this summer

"2018 New Taipei City Hohaiyan Gongliao Rock Festival" Detonate the soul of Rock’ N’ Roll this summer
News 2018/6/7
Date 2018/07/27 - 2018/07/29
Organizer Tourism and Travel Department, New Taipei City Government
Press release by Information and Tourism Department, New Taipei City Government June 7th, 2018
"2018 New Taipei City Hohaiyan Gongliao Rock Festival"
Detonate the soul of rock and roll this summer
The most fabulous hall of original Music
A consecutive three-day concert will be held in Fulong Beach
Themed with "18 Fun", bringing music fans 18 different styles of music in multiple genres and fun
【New Taipei City】Every summer, the music fans' most expected music festival "New Taipei City Hohaiyan Gongliao Rock Festival" will be held during July 27th (Friday) to July 29th (Sunday) at Gongliao Fulong Beach, a three-day concert rally is going to kick off! This year is the 18th Hohaiyan Festival, and the theme of "18 fun" will bring all the music fans more plentiful and versatile original music. Meanwhile, this year's Hohaiyan Festival will break the traditional style by creating a "Cross-nation stage of the world" as the platform of international music bands and a small heat-wave rock and roll stage constructed by a fishing boat for a unique appearance to impress the music bands and music fans with a much stronger atmosphere everywhere in the Hohaiyan Festival!
Hohayan's firs-time-ever! The youngest contestant aged 11 and the oldest contestant aged 62 are the best evidence showing all ages are chasing dreams.
There are a total of 159 music bands joining the "Independent Ocean Music Awards"; in particular, the youngest contestant is only 11 years old and the oldest is at the age of 62. The intense contest has the largest age distribution; to put it another way, it's a face off among three generations, older, middle-aged and the younger generations; also, it's the first time ever of the Hohaiyan Festival! After the Hohaiyan's judge group selected 30 candidates from all the applicants, the three pre-qualifying competitions will be held respectively on June 16th (Saturday) at PIER5 Dadaocheng Wharf, June 17th (Sunday) at Tamsui Fisherman's Stage and June 18th (Monday) at the rear square of MRT Tamsui Station. All the talented performers are ready to put on their best show and try to win the highest honor of the music hall, the ocean flag!
Integrating Hohaiyan Festival and ocean culture.
A fishing boat parked on the shoal will be transformed to be the innovative signature performance stage
The winner of this year's Ocean Music Awards will get the tailor-made music single produced by the most leading producer.
This year, the stage of the Hohaiyan Festival still keeps the big stage themed with blue oceans and sky showing a strong sense of Rock ‘N’ Roll; particularly, there is a very special small stage featuring a heat-wave rock style constructed by a real local shipping boat on the shoal to help all the participating independent music bands fully demonstrate their original music glamor in the atmosphere filled with strong oceanic style. It's believed that all the music fans will be brought a brand-new experience of visual excitement! Besides, this year the organizer has built the 3rd stage- a "Cross-nation stage of the world" for inviting foreign music bands to perform in the event. It will make the free-of-charge New Taipei City Hohaiyan Gongliao Festival stand firmly at the highest position with the best CP value nationwide!
Since 2000, the "New Taipei City Hohaiyan Gongliao Festival" was held every year until now; in addition to the commitment of the spirit supporting independent original music, this year, a music single will be awarded to the winner of the ocean flag, the champion of the Ocean Music Award. According to the winner's music genre, the producer experienced in the same field will be invited to finish recording in a famous recording studio, so that the sincere creation by the new music bands can be heard by more people!
Breaking the frame of independent rock and roll! The three-day activity themed with "18 fun" will bring multiple music genres with the most extent
This year's Hohaiyan Festival takes "18 fun" as the theme. In the "July 27th New Original Wave", the bands invited are the "EggPlantEgg" and "Astro Bunny" nominated by Golden Melody Award this year, Xiao Yu (Song Nian-yu) nominated for Best Vocalist Mandarin, "KAO!INC" and "Kung-Fu Rap" representing two major Taiwanese rap brands, and they will perform on the stage during the Hohaiyan Festival for an integration of cross-generation, cross-brand, Hip Hop and electro music; and, Soft Lipa will be the grand finale. "July 28th Ocean Music Award" includes the performances in the finals contest of winning the ocean flag, also, the winner of the Ocean Music Award last year, "Burning Island" will be invited to perform this year, they’re also the first heavy metal band to win the ocean flag. The grand finale will be Wee Meng-chee, a Malaysian Chinese recording artist and singer. The last day, "July 29th World Rhapsody", last year's Star of Ocean, "Angry Youth" is invited, and there are other international bands including The City and US from Ireland, ROOKiEZ is Punk'D from Japan, Slot Machine from Thailand. Additionally, Boxing, The Chairman and Lion led by Xiao Jing-teng will all join the concert and shout out loud to make all the music fans of original music go wild at the most extent.

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