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The New Taipei City Railway Relay, which is one of a kind in Taiwan combining sightseeing, railways, and road running, is in its fourth year this year.

The New Taipei City Railway Relay, which is one of a kind in Taiwan combining sightseeing, railways, and road running, is in its fourth year this year.
News 2019/4/21
Date 2019/04/21 - 2019/04/21
Organizer Tourism and Travel Department, New Taipei City Government
Today (April 21) at 7:00 am, the Deputy Mayor of the New Taipei City Government Xie Zhengda and the Section Chief of the Japanese Seibu Railway, Jun'ichi Kanasaki, along with other VIPs jointly whistled to start the race. Led by the Deputy Mayor of the New Taipei City Government Xie Zhengda, council members from the New Taipei City Council formed themselves into three teams competing against one another in the train-chasing Railway Relay. In addition, council members from the Taipei City Council, which is a neighbor of New Taipei City, also took part as one of the rival teams for the first time. During the race, a century-old symbolic token that was used in the railway system was passed on instead of a normal relay baton. Each team member "Firm Relay Without Kissing " together to complete the 47.6 km super marathon. At the same time, the on-site crowd screamed and cheered along either side of the course for all participants. Writing Comments for Lucky Draw Accommodation Coupons provided by the Seibu Railway of Japan and small-holder farmers’ stalls in Shuangxi were also crowded with people.

Each team had 7 runners, and the “Ladies First Rule” tradition was strictly applied to assign the first runner from every team. The race was kicked off by woman power, and more than 700 runners started running, competing severely under sunny sweat! Being no rookie in the race, participants won’t miss the chance to gather the four retro medals with the TRA railway drawing, "one for a circle, two for a square, three for a triangle, and four for an oval ". These symbolic tokens were available in a series for the very first time. Loyal runners who come for the fourth consecutive year are prized with this "full collection".

It is noteworthy that we are honored to invite the Director of the Fashion magazine GQ Jeter Chou to be the judge of the Group Smile. A number of 500 well-dressed participants were easily found running along the course. Legendary running icon, "Queen of Variety " Lin Hui-ping sewed and designed eye-catching styles for her team, and their presence became a spotlight for people coming up for photos. What’s more, hundred million enterprise Media Tek Inc. and eCloudvalley finished the course with a proud record with the spirit of teamwork! Both the scenery along the route and the design of this beloved competition are distinctive in Taiwan. In spite of what’s been mentioned above, the finishing-line "Zhuduiyou" towel is widely appreciated as well as groups of enthusiastic volunteers providing "Shenzhugong" considerate services for runners passing through. “Chasing for a new record, you need to run along; for distance, however, you need to find company.” This interprets the core spirit of the Railway Relay well.

The Railway Relay once again joined hands with Japan's Seibu Railway this year. Loyal runners who have come for the fourth consecutive year received not only the whole set of symbolic tokens, Japan's Seibu Railway also provided a limited-edition cooler bag as an extra souvenir for their perseverance, leaving the others with great envy.

“We expect more non-competitive road running races to elevate the public health level and create business opportunities at the same time.” pointed out Director Zhang Qi-qiang, the Tourism and Travel Department of New Taipei City Government. Especially it's just the perfect time to taste fresh seasonal abalones in Gongliao or buy some organic veggies without chemicals from Shuangxi. Grab the chance to go on an accommodation-coupon includes spring trip after the severe Railway Relay race to find fireflies, enjoy the sea view, or wander in historical mountain tracks.

The Tourism and Travel Department of New Taipei City Government has especially given appreciation to the sponsors and co-organizer of the activity, including the Director Chen Shi-ming, the Longdong Service Station of the Northeast and Yilan Coast National Scenic Area, the Tourism Bureau, Ministry of Transportation and Communications, Section Chief Xie Qing-tian, the Yilan-Transportation Branch, Taiwan Railway Administration, Station Chief Lu Ming-yi, Shuangxi Railway Station, Section Chief Jun'ichi Kanasaki, Japan's Seibu Railway, Chief of District Lan Rui-min, Gongliao District, Chief of District Shi Yu-xiang, Shuangxi District, Principal Peng Sheng-zuo, Shuangxi Senior High School, and Vice General Manager Chen Bai-hong, Fullon Hotel. They are all important people who facilitate the activity, and all of them were invited to be VIPs to shoot the gun to start the race.

In addition, the participating VIPs also joined the race to enjoy the running holiday including the members of the New Taipei City Council Jamie Pai, Chiang I-chen, Nikar-Falong, Li Yu-dien, Chou Ya-lin, Lin Kuo-chun, Lin Yi-qi, Lin Ming-ren, Hong Jia-jun, Lahuy Ipin, Zhang Zhen-hao, Chen Yi-jun, Liao Xian-xiang, Cheng Yu-en, Dai Wei-shan, and Zhong Hong-ren, as well as the Deputy Mayor of the New Taipei City Government Xie Zheng-da, who is the head runner, Deputy Secretary-General Lin Jie-you, Deputy Secretary-General Qiu Jing-bin, Director of the Department of information Jiang Zhi-wei, Director of the Legal Affairs Department Huang Yi-teng, Director of the Public Works Department Zhu Ti-zhi, Director of the Cultural Affairs Department Cai Jia-fen, and Director of the Department of Environmental Protection Liu He-ran.

The official website of the activity: https://goo.gl/BoqNdz
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