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Take a journey to New Taipei during consecutive holidays at the Qingming Festival! New Water Dance Show X Tamsui-Kavalan Trails A+ Plan

Take a journey to New Taipei during consecutive holidays at the Qingming Festival! New Water Dance Show X Tamsui-Kavalan Trails A+ Plan
News 2019/4/3
Date 2019/04/04 - 2019/04/30
Organizer Tourism and Travel Department, New Taipei City Government
【New Taipei City】 When it comes to consecutive holidays, if you'd like to travel but fear crowds of people or getting stuck in traffic, welcome to the Bitan Water Dance Show, where you can swing your body along with the music sung by singer A-Lin, the queen of iron lungs, and the Water Dance Show. There is also a children's favorite theme song of the animated film, "My Neighbor Totoro" by Miyazaki Hayao, for people to enjoy a pleasant and fantastic journey of the water dance show. In addition, the Tamsui-Kavalan Trail A+ Plan, the 1st life lesson to a great journey is waiting for you to take the challenge during consecutive holidays at the Qingming Festival. You'll have the chance to win a top outdoor branded product.

Limited time only! New Water Dance Show A-Lin leads you to get excited.
Pinglin's Tea-tasting and Sightseeing Tours of the Lake → Hot Springs in Wulai → Bitan Water Dance Show

The period of consecutive holidays is the best time to run away from the hustle and bustle of the city; welcome to the "Yongan Landscape Trail" where you can breathe rich phytoncides; then, you can ride along the "Beishi River Bike Path" to shuttle between tea farms and river banks; in the afternoon, spend leisurely hours strolling in Pinglin to taste signature tea meals and tea drinks in the tea farms; go along Provincial Highway No. 9 to get back to the downtown, take a hot spring bath in Wulai to wash off your fatigue; in the evening, go to the Bitan Scenic Area to admire the seasonal limited Water Dance Show and allow yourself to be led by A-Lin and get excited. Before April 20, whoever registers for the Bitan Water Dance Film Shooting Program will have the chance to get a free-of-charge "ShenAo Rail Bike" experience with the class.

A must-go place during consecutive holidays! Tamsui-Kavalan Trail A+ Plan
Treasured Secret in the Western Pacific

The popular Japanese outdoor magazine "Randonnée" and tourism units worldwide shared attention on the Tamsui-Kavalan Trail, which has become a healing scenic attraction. During consecutive holidays, come visit the Tamsui-Kavalan Trail network that consists of the "Canguangliao Trail", "Yangtingli Trail", "Ningzitan Trail", "Liulanglu Trail", "Caoling Historic Trail", and "Jinzibei Trail"; visitors can start from Ruifang to connect Aodi, Fulong, Shicheng, and Dali while bathing in the mountain and forest trails with healing energy and breathing phytoncides of history.
Moreover, before April 21, whoever challenges the Tamsui-Kavalan Trail and completes route tracking, including date, photos, and reviews uploaded to their personal Facebook account or hashtags of the route on public posts can join a lucky draw to win a top branded dream product that people love mountain climbing are longing for, Mystery Ranch In and Out 19L (5 availabilities), Hanchor SURFACE lightweight front bag (10 availabilities), or Snow Peak titanium gold fork and spoon set (10 availabilities), with a total value of up to 40 thousand NTD.

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