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(Update)In response to CDC’s announcement of Level 3 National Epidemic Alert, all scenic spots and tourist centers, under our administration shall be closed, starting from today until July 26th

(Update)In response to CDC’s announcement of Level 3 National Epidemic Alert, all scenic spots and tourist centers, under our administration shall be closed, starting from today until July 26th
Announcement 2021/6/16
Date 2021/05/17 - 2021/07/26
Organizer Tourism and Travel Department, New Taipei City Government
In response to CDC's announcement of Level 3 National Epidemic Alert, all scenic spots and tourist centers, under our administration shall be closed, starting from today until July26th.

(1)Jinshan District
※Closed to 7/26 attractions:
1. There are 5 hot spring public baths in this area (Jinbaoli, Fengyu, Suangang, Sheliao and Nanping hot spring public baths), outdoor foot baths in Suangang Hot Springs, 9 civic activity centers in this district (Sulfur Harbor, Qingquan, Liugu, Wunan, Chonghe, Fengyu, Wanshou, Meitian, Liusan Civic Activity Center), 3 basketball courts in the district (Suangang basketball court, Sanjie basketball court, middle corner basketball court), various parks in the district , Green pavilions, play equipment and physical fitness facilities (Gongguanlun Park, Tiger, Leopard, Lion Elephant Green, Fengyu Park, Tassel Park, Rhododendron Park, Sakura Park), all religious temples in the area, Jinshan Sports and Leisure Plaza, and the clear water of Suanxitou Park, beaches around Zhongjiao Bay Surfing Center (including Jinqing Beach, Suanxi Outlet), mysterious coast around Shuiwei Fishing Port, landscape bridge platform next to Shuiwei Fishing Port, Shuiwei Fishing Port Sea Viewing Parking Lot, Shuiwei Public Parking Lot, Zhongjiao Bay to Tiaoshi Coastal sea-view hotspots (35km to 39km of Taiwan Line 2) platform, Zhuzishan Ancient Road, and Dalukan hiking trail.

2. Zhongjiao Bay Visitor Center, Zhongjiao Bay, Tiaoshi Coast Seaside, Yuantan River Landscape Bridge Pavilion, Zhongjiao Bay parking Lot, Tiaoshi Seaside parking lot, Tiaoshi Mountain Side parking lot, Lion Head Mountain parking lot, Zhongjiao Bay public toilets in parking lot, jumping stone public toilets.

※Attractions will be open after 7/13:
1. Jinshan Visitor Center, Lion's Head Mountain Park Trail (Pavilions, squares, and flower frame corridors are still closed)

The above opening hours will be revised on a rolling basis according to the epidemic situation.

(2)Sanzhi District
※Closed to 7/26 attractions:
1. Various scenic spots and trails.
2. Qianshuiwan Bay extension beaches and trails, Houcuo Fishing Port, Fengzhimen, Baxian Palace, beaches and bicycle paths near Shelong Port, Tongtong Trail, Datunxi, Balianxi, Sanbanqiao and other hydrophilic areas.
※Attractions open after 7/13: Erpingding hiking trail.

(3) Wanli District
※Closed to 7/26 attractions
Wanlijiatou hot spring public bath, all civic activity centers in this district, 7 basketball courts in this district (Xiashe, Neikeng, Jiatou, Yehliu, Dingliao, Shijiao and Wanli), parks, pavilions and sports equipment in this district Health facilities (Lion Park, Happiness Square, Middle Sightseeing Pavilion, Mayun Park and Yehliu Park), all religious temples in the area, Wanli Beach Beach, Emerald Bay Beach, Shijiao Beach, Guihou Beach and surrounding beaches Beach, Venus Trail and the coast around Camel Peak, Outlet of the Second Nuclear Power Plant and kite pad, parking lot (Lion Park parking lot, Happy Plaza parking lot, Venus Coastline parking lot, Guoshengpu Sea View parking lot), Lion Park Coastal Trail , Jinbaoli River Landscape Bridge, Wanli Complex Building 5th Floor Auditorium, Middle-Size Nagu Pagoda.
※Yehliu Geopark and Yehliu Ocean World (The opening date is subject to the competent authority and the on-site announcement)

(4) Shimen District
※Closed to 7/26 attractions:
1. Fuguijiao Trail, various scenic spots and hiking trails.
2. Baishawan Recreation Area, Laomei Green Stone Cave, Windmill Park.
3. Park attractions, trails and squares within the jurisdiction of this district, Caoli Shui Liugong Square, Shimendong Park (including parking lot outside the cave), the ground next to Shanxi Activity Center, Shanxi Blue Magpie Sea Viewing Platform, Laomei Green Shicao Pavilion, Laomei Basketball Court, Qingshan Waterfall Trail, Jianshan Lake Monument Trail, Di Gongling Ancient Trail, Chashan Trail, Maolin Magic Square.

The opening hours are subject to the announcement of the competent authority.

(5) Gongliao District
※Closed to 7/26 attractions:
1. Taoyuan Valley Trail, Old Caoling Tunnel, Longdong South Port Ocean Park and Yacht Harbor, Longdong Bay Diving Service Area, Jinsha Bay Beach Park, Shiding Creek Trail, Yanliao Beach Park, Longmen Camping Area, Fulong Water Park Base, Fulong Beach, Mao'ao Square, Magang Intertidal Zone, Magang Observation Deck, Sijiao Grotto Observation Deck, Lailai Geological Area, Lailai Rock Fishing Ground and beaches in the whole area.
2. Water recreational activities are prohibited in the whole area.

※Attractions open after 7/13:
Longdong Bay Cape Trail, Caoling Ancient Road, Yuanwangkeng Water Park, Fulong Visitor Center, Fullon Beiyue Hotel (for reservations only), Lailai Secret Coffee (open on weekends, only for takeout)

(6) Ruifang District
※Closed to 7/26 attractions:
1. Elephant Trunk Rock, Keelung Mountain Trail, Teapot Mountain Trail, Sandiaoling Trail.
2.Gold Mine Geopark Trail, Chief Rock, Baoshi Mountain Trail, Jinzibei Trail, Four-foot Pavilion Fort Trail, Shanjian Road Trail, Bat Cave Park (including sea area), Taishe Park (including sea area), Rongxing Park ( Including sea area), Taipower outlet sea area, sea area next to Zhaoming Palace.
3. Jiufen Visitor Center, Shuinan Cave Visitor Center, Houdong Coal Mine Park Vision Pavilion and sand drying room, indoor buildings of the Gold Museum.

(7)Xindian District
※Closed to 7/26 scenic spots: Hemei Mountain Trail, Yinhe Cave Trail and Lion Head Mountain Trail.
※Attractions open after 7/13: Zhitanshan Trail.

(8)Sanxiao District
※Closed to 7/26 scenic spot: Wuliaojian hiking trail.
※Attractions open after 7/13: Baiji Mountain Trail.

(9)Xizhi District
※Closed to 7/26 attractions:
Dajianshan Trail, Neigoushan Trail (Cuihu Trail, Laojiujian Mountain Trail, Xuetoupo Trail), Xinshan Menghu Trail, Jiangziliao Cliff Trail, Lion Head Mountain Trail, Xiufeng Waterfall Trail, Qilu Trail, Wuzhishan Trail, Baiyun Trail Hiking trails, Baiyun Ancient Trail, Jiangziliao Trail, Kezilin Mountain Hiking Trail, Jinlong Lake Lake Trail.

(10)Linkou District
※Closed to 7/26 attractions:
1. Various scenic spots in this area.
2. Lao Gongqi Trail, Xinlin Trail, Linkou Forest Trail, Taiping Coastal Trail.

(11)Shuangxi District
※Closed to 7/26 attractions:
Hubaotan Trail, Yixian Mountain Trail, Wantan Ancient Trail, Bengshankeng Ancient Trail, Diaoshan Ancient Trail, Beishixi Ancient Trail, Dazhangling (Resignation Ridge) Ancient Trail, Lingtou Guanri Trail, Yuanjing Ancient Trail, Shangnei Pinglin Trail, Dakeng Mountain Tomb (Shuangxi Section), Donghe Trail, Wushan Mountain Crossing Trail, Buying Pavilion, 13-story Water Park and Camping Area, Old Farmer's Farm and Lotus Garden.

※Attractions open after 7/13: Sungai-Gongliao Yangtingli Ancient Road.

(12)Shiding District
※Closed to 7/26 attractions:
Tamlan Trail, Qinshan Trail, Emperor Hall East and West North Peak Trail, Emperor Hall North Peak and East Peak Connection, Erge Trail, Yong'an Trail, Goat Cave Trail, Bijia Mountain Trail, Shikan Trail, Zhukeng to Crocodile Island Trail, Shiding- Pingxi Fushi Mountain Trail.

(13)Pinglin District
※Closed to 7/26 attractions:
1. Bicycle paths (3): Beishixi Bicycle Path (announced on 5/22), (Yudai) Yuhouxi Bicycle Path, Jingualiaoxi Bicycle Path.

2. Trails (20): Ecological Park Sightseeing Trail, Yuanmao Mountain Hiking Trail (Gizise Hiking Trail), Dahuwei Hiking Trail, Shuiliujiao Hiking Trail, Jingualiao Fern Trail (announced on 6/2), Jiuxiong Root Trail, Beishi River Watching Fish Trail, (Yudai) Yuhou River Watching Fish Trail, Jingualiao Community Trail, Shigongjiwei Mountain Hiking Trail, Laijian Mountain Hiking Trail, Shuishiqikeng Hiking Trail, Cukengkou Hiking Trail, Dalin Youshan Trail, Datong Lake Hiking Trail, Fangshankeng Ancient Trail, Kuose Ancient Trail, Kaiyanlun Mountaineering Trail, Danlan South Road.

3. Scenic spots (9 places): Jiuxionggen Water Park (announced on 6/2), viewing platform under Nanshan Temple (announced on 6/2), Guanyintai, water suspension bridge, water square, Huliaotan suspension bridge, thick Dendrobium Suspension Bridge, Kuose Suspension Bridge, Jingualiao Suspension Bridge.

※Attractions will be open after 7/13: Hutong Ancient Road.

(14)Taishan District
※Closed to 7/26 attractions:
Jian Frozen Mountain Trail, Qiongzi Lake Trail, Qingfeng Pavilion Trail, Yixue Hang Trail, Butterfly Trail.

(15)Pingxi District:
※Closed to 7/26 attractions:
1. Wufenshan Trail, Xiaozishan Group (Cimu, Putuo) Trail, Dongshige Yueling Trail, Lingjiaoliao Trail, Wangguguan Waterfall Trail, Pinghu East-West Trail, Fanzikeng Trail, and Jingtong Ancient Trail.
2. The entrances and exits of Huiyao, Lingjiao and Wanggu Waterfall.
3. The stalagmite tip, potato nut tip and dripping Guanyin trail.

※The scenic spot will be open after 7/13: Shifen Waterfall Park.

(16)Tamsui District
※Attractions open after 7/13: Sankongquan hiking trail.

(17)Zhonghe District
※Closed to 7/26 scenic spots: Baking Ludi Trail, Yuantong Temple Trail.

(18)Fisheries and Fishing Port Affairs Management Office
※The freshwater fish market (including restaurants) will be closed from 5/13 to 7/26, and will adjust its business in accordance with the announcement of the epidemic.
※Fuji Fish port restaurants will be closed from 5/17 to 7/26. Fish Market Water Beach will be open as usual. Follow-up adjustments will be made in accordance with the epidemic announcement.

※If you have any questions, please contact the district offices(區公所) in New Taipei City.