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2017 New Taipei City Hakka Tung Blossom Festival

2017 New Taipei City Hakka Tung Blossom Festival
Other 2017/4/19
Date 2017/04/22 - 2017/05/20
Organizer Hakka affairs Department, New Taipei City Government
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Featuring the artistic creativities of students from New Taipei City, this year’s Tung Blossom Festival events will be a hybrid of dynamic shows and static exhibitions, along with a series of lite-tours for tung blossom viewing in New Taipei City! We look forward to discovering the versatile beauty of tung blossoms with you!

【Series of activities】

4/29(SAT)-4/30(SUN) 09:00-16:00 Nantianmu Plaza , Tucheng District

4/22(SAT)14:00-17:00 Wanfu Park, Shenkeng District

4/23(SUN)08:00-12:00 Arouyang Gongguan Tung viewing trail, Shenkeng District

4/30(SUN)13:00-17:00 Changfu Bridge, Sanxia District

4/30(SUN)09:00-12:00 Erbazi Botanical Garden, Xindian District

5/6(SAT)08:30-14:00 Hengshan Village, Sanzhi District

5/6(SAT)10:00-15:00 Sijiaoting Jian Temple Plaza, Ruifang District

5/6(SAT)15:00-19:00 Sandiaoling Parking Lot, Ruifang District

5/7(SUN)10:00-15:30 Shulin Hakka Association, Shanjia Station, Huguo Jixiang Temple

5/13(SAT)09:00-15:30 At the entrance of the Yingge Rock Hiking Trail, next to Sun Bin Temple Plaza, Yingge Distric

5/20(SAT)09:00-15:00At 9k-50, Route North 47-1, Getou Village, Shiding District

4/19(WED)-6/2(FRI) 1st floor lobby of the Administration Building, New Taipei City

4/22-5/20 Photography Contest
Capturing Beautiful Moments:
Falling in love with New Taipei City during Tung Blossom Season