2018 / 11

NewsPremiere of Planets Landing Lighting up the Magical Galaxy New Taipei City Builds a Christmas Planet Theme Park Fun for Everyone2018-11-17
NewsGrand Opening & Lighting Up of the “2018 Christmasland in New Taipei City”! 47 Days of Astonishment to the World Resplendent Launching of Four Main Galaxy Light Areas2018-11-16
NewsGolden Awards Winners Lee-Zen Lee, Yu-Chieh Chen, and Yi-En Lu Come Together Warm Advertisement for the 2018 Christmasland in New Taipei City is Launched 2018-11-15
News“2018 Christmasland in New Taipei City” Collaborates with LINE for the First Time Not for Sale! Limited Christmasland in New Taipei City Stickers for Free!2018-11-13

2018 / 09

NewsGlory of Taiwan! The Tamsui-Kavalan Trails were chosen for the World Trails Conference first World Trails Film Festival2018-09-30
News2018 New Taipei City Pingxi Sky Lantern Festival Check Out the Information of Road Traffic Control and Shuttle Bus on Pingxi Sky Lantern Festival2018-09-17

2018 / 08

News “2018 Pingxi Sky Lantern Festival” to be Launched at Pingxi Junior High School on 9/24 Mid-Autumn Festival2018-08-29
NewsMy daily life, Your beautiful scenery! New Taipei City is so beautiful that even the foreigners are amazed!2018-08-22
News3, 2, 1 Travel Light-New proposal for New Taipei City Mini Bag Tour2018-08-06
NewsNew Taipei City sign MOU with Ho Chi Minh Association to join hands to create a new peak in tourism between Taiwan and Vietnam 2018-08-04

2018 / 07

NewsNew Taipei City and EVA Air Re-Combat Lock up the high-growth Vietnamese tourism market2018-07-30
OtherAwesome Positive Energy! A Guide to New Taipei City's 12 Attractions to Improve Your Luck2018-07-13
NewsStrolling the Dan-Lan Historic Trail Ho-Chen Tan: Cultural, ecological and landscape diversity is a new choice for health and leisure.2018-07-07

2018 / 06

News2018 Ho-hai-yan Gongliao Rock Festival of New Taipei City Brings Internationalization First “World Stage for the International” in This Year, National Original Music Performances2018-06-20
News2018 Tamsui Fisherman's Stage- Summer Original Music Festival will officially kick off on June 23rd Multiple music genres performed for satisfaction all at once A new option for summer melancholy2018-06-13
News"2018 New Taipei City Hohaiyan Gongliao Rock Festival" Detonate the soul of Rock’ N’ Roll this summer2018-06-07

2018 / 05

NewsNew Taipei City and EVA Air Re-Combat Joining tourism industries to enter department stores of Thailand Lock up the high-level tourism market One-stop integration of "Thai" convenience2018-05-25

2018 / 04

NewsThai film crew invited to film scenes in New Taipei City The award-winning actor shows genuine love for Tamsui 2018-04-30
NewsThe Only Train Relay Race Worldwide Starting in the Air Oasis of Gongliao, Shuangxi2018-04-22

2018 / 03

NewsParent-Child Tour for Spring Break! New Taipei's Picked 7 Themes and 41 Selected Scenic Spots Children's Fun Leisure Great Fun for Adults 2018-03-28