2018 / 03

NewsThe Launch of One Day Travelling in New Taipei City for Southbound Policy Recruiting Southeast Asian Languages Speaking New Migrants for Professional Guided Tour Staff2018-03-12

2018 / 02

News2018 New Taipei City Pingxi Sky Lantern Festival Pingxi Sky Lantern Festival won the Recognition of Best Festivals Around the World2018-02-23
News“Hello Pingxi! Year of the Dog Celebration!” – Sanrio Superstars to Make an Appearance2018-02-23
News“2018 New Taipei City Pingxi Sky Lantern Festival” will be held on Lantern Festival and Mid-Autumn Festival 2018-02-02

2017 / 12

NewsNew Taipei City Christmas land “Station Square Twinkling Light Zone” Stunning Christmas Dance of Lights Becomes Popular Instagram Spot2017-12-21
News“Tips to Share” How to Enjoy Christmasland? The Most Adorable Duo Bear of 2017 New Taipei City Takes you on a Tour for Free Rides, Feature Circus Cargo Merchandise. Exclusive, Limited and Fun to Try!2017-12-21
News“2017 Christmasland in New Taipei City” as the Warmest Christmas Gift Global Debut of the Charity Movie “The Greatest Showman” Delivers Christmas Happiness2017-12-19

2017 / 11

News2017 New Taipei City Hot Spring Festival Officially Starts You are Invited to Enjoy the Temperature of Happiness2017-11-29
News2017 Christmasland in New Taipei City Large Activities Lively Kick Off Super Popular Stars in Animated Cartoons Show Up at Fun Fair Children Carnival2017-11-26
NewsFun Fair Children Carnival Makes Its Lively Debut This Week Super Popular Cartoon Characters' Gathering Creates Romantic Atmosphere at Christmasland! Limited-Edition Snowflakes Fall Off in Station Front Square On November 25! 2017-11-23
NewsPororo, A Korean Popular Star in Animated Show Makes Its Debut in Taiwan 2017-11-19
NewsThailand High-End Media Group Came to New Taipei City on a Fact-Finding Tour A New Upsurge of Thailand Tourists Taking Journeys to Taiwan.2017-11-16
News"The 1st Place of Asia's 10 Best Christmas Markets of 2017" New Taipei City Christmasland Grandly Kicks Off2017-11-01
NewsNo. 1 in Asia’s Top 10 Christmas Celebrations – Grand Debut of 2017 Christmasland in New Taipei City Splendid Dancing Christmas Lights – 39-day Celebration in Xinban Sleepless City2017-11-01

2017 / 10

News"You're the Apple of My Eye" (Japanese Version) Japanese Film Crew Came Across the Sea for the Shooting Scene in New Taipei City Romantic Sky Lantern Scene in Jingtong, Pingxi Made Leap to the Big Screen in Japan.2017-10-25

2017 / 09

News2017 Happiness Farmland Tour. Shuangxi Easy Trip Registration is Available from September 26!2017-09-26
NewsAppreciating the Lunar Festival and Gathering in Pingxi 2017-09-21
NewsTake an Autumn Trip to Jiufen and Pinglin, enjoy Slow Tea and Meet up with Wonderfulness The Trend of Slow Life Promotes the Autumn Slow Tea, the Easy "Slow Tea" Trip Explores New Taipei City2017-09-11
News"Lonely Planet" Autumn Vacation Introduction to the New Taipei City Suburbs Hiking Trails2017-09-10
News2017 New Taipei City Pingxi Sky Lantern Festival Admire the Beauty of the Moon at the Mountain Town Build a Dream in Pingxi Good Friends Worldwide·Get a Mid-Autumn Reunion at Pingxi2017-09-08