Ming Dynasty
▸1642 15th Year of Chong Zhen's Regime in Ming Dynasty Dutch reported that there were gold mines in Northeastern Taiwan. And Netherlands defeated Spain. Afterward, Spain withdrew from Taiwan.
Qing Dynasty
▸1848 28th Year of Dao Guang's egime in Ming Dynasty Fushan Templewas established.

▸1867 6th Year of Tong Zhi's Regime in Ming Dynasty A large earthquake hit Northern Taiwan on November 23. And Jilong Mountain collapsed. Some scholar called it "Kui Lin Mountain", also referred to as "Kui Mountain". In Qing Dynasty, General Liu, Ming-Deng went on an inspection trip to Yilan. He walked along the trail and wrote the inscription on mountain wall. The Inscription was decorated with gold leaf. It was called "Chintzupei Monument".

▸1890 16th Year of Guang Xu's Regime in Qing Dynasty It was said that some farms discovered gold mine in the river front of Jiufen. Later, Lin Ying and Lin Tang brothers dug 13 vertical wells. They mined approximately 75 kilograms of gold in Little Jingua Gold Outcropbefore they left.

▸1892 18th Year of Guang Xu's Regime in Qing Dynasty "Keelung Gold Sand Bureau" was established by Shao, You-Lian (Governor of Taiwan) on February
Japanese Colonial Era
▸1895 28th Year of Meiji's Regime In the middle of September, the Japanese established "Gold Sand Bureau" in Rueifang and allowed gold diggers to pay a license fee for gold mining.

▸1897 30th Year of Meiji's Regime "Fujida Kumi" started its mining operations in Jiufen Mountain on April 10. "Tanaka Kumi" started its mining operations in Jinguashi Mountain on October 15.

▸1899 32nd Year of Meiji's Regime Huang, Shi-Chun and Huang, Ren-Xiang established a small temple and moved to a new place. It worshipped Lord Guan Yu, Lord Lu, Lord Chang, and Lord Wang. Local people called it Qitang Temple. (Now Qitang Temple is called Cyuanji Temple).

▸1903 36th Year of Meiji's Regime "Fujida Kumi" completed the construction of "13 Levels Stamp Mill" and "Cyanide Processing Plant" in June.

▸1917 6th Year of Taysio's Regime Approximately 790 kilograms of gold was mined. It was the first golden period in Jiufen. It was called "The first significant harvest". The "SongDe Monument" was built in DaGanLin area.

▸1922 11th Year of Taysio's Regime In order to welcome Crown Prince of Japan (later Emperor Hirohito), "Tanaka Kumi" built the "Crown Prince Chalet" in Jinguashi.

▸1923 12th Year of Taysio's Regime XiaHai ChengHuan God Temple was established.

▸1924 13th Year of Taysio's Regime Railway in Yilan started its operation. The road between Rueifang and Jinguashi started to build. The construction of the road between Rueifang and Jinguashi began.

▸1930 5th Year of Syowa's Regime The Construction of Jinshan Temple began in the spring.

▸1934 9th Year of Syowa's Regime The theater beside the public market was moved to Qingbian Road. And was called "Shengping Theater". TainPan Temple was established. (Now TainPan Temple is called DaiTianFu Temple)

▸1942 17th Year of Syowa's Regime Japanese police arrested hundreds of miners because of "527 Incident" in June. British army who were captured when Singapore surrendered were brought to Jinguashi "POW Camp" in Jinguashi in November. (Now POW Camp was renovated into International Armistice Peace Memorial Park).
Republic of China
▸1948 37th Year of Republican Rule Taiyang Preparatory Office was dismissed. And Taiyang Company was established on July 17.

1952 41st Year of Republican Rule Taipei Bus Company started to operate the route to RueiJin Highway.

1955 44th Year of Republican Rule Taiwan Gold Cooper Mining Bureau was reorganized to become Taiwan Metal Mining Corporation. It took over the management of Jinguashi minefield.

1971 60th Year of Republican Rulee Taiyang Company donated 39720 square meters of land for the construction the road between Jiufen and seashore in June. (Now it is County Road No. 35)

1972 61st Year of Republican Rule While cooper refinery plant was established, Taiwan Metals Mining Corporation began to build the first Abandoned Smoke Tunnell. It was constructed along Teapot Mountain. It was used to take fumes away from the cooper refinery plant to where there were no residents in the hills above. Afterward, the second and third abandoned smoke tunnel was continously constructed.

1984 73rd Year of Republican Rule The fire accident in MeiShan Coal Mine killed 103 people and wounded 22. It was the biggest mining accident since Taiwan Restoration.

1986 75th Year of Republican Rule Fire accident happened in 3 offices of Taiwan Metal Mining Corporation on February 12. Shengping Theater terminated its operation.

▸1987 76th Year of Republican Rule 15 external artists proposed "Jiufen Art Village" to New Taipei City.

▸1989 78th Year of Republican Rule Hou, Xiao-Xian directed a famous film called "A City of Sadness". The film premiered at Zhongshan Hall in Jiuguashi on October 11.

▸1991 80th Year of Republican Rule The pure copper Sage Emperor Guan statue, with the weight of 25 tons and height of 35 Taiwanese feet, was molded and place in Cyuanji Temple in Jinguashi. It is a famous landmark and the highest Sage Emperor Guan statue in the Southeast Asia. King Car Company shoot TV commercial in Jiufen.

▸1994 83rd Year of Republican Rule Wu, Nian-Zhen, a DaCuKeng native, directed a famous film called "A Borrowed Life"

▸1997 86th Year of Republican Rule "The Kinkaseki P.O.W. Memorial" was built on November 23.

▸2004 93rd Year of Republican Rule The Gold Ecological Park in Jinguashi was formally opened on November 4.

▸2006 95th Year of Republican Rule Creative 21 Century shoot the film called "The Story of Jiufen - Listen To The Wind" that acted by Jiang, Liang-Wang.

▸2011 100th Year of Republican Rule "Shuinandong, Jinguashi, and Jiufen International Information System" project was completed in June.