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the Small Town Arts and Culture of Sanxia-Yingge
The cultural heritage of Yingge and Sanxia imbue these small towns with an organic ambiance. In addition to their famed old streets, they offer plenty of other destinations to see the rich ecology, local culture, historical buildings, and innovative art installations! It is a great place to be whether you are a hipster talking selfies or making beautiful memories with your children. The four itineraries that we compiled this time have three main features: 1. Aesthetics Immersion: From the Yingge Ceramics Museum and Sanying Arts Village to the Li Mei-hsu Memorial Gallery, and CAN Culture, Art & Nature, different forms of artistic expression inspire people’s imagination of beauty through architectural design, artworks or environmental ambience. 2. Small Town Field Trip: Dahan River and Sanxia River flows through the Sanxia-Yingge region. The rich ecology along the many hiking trails here offer a great opportunity to get close to nature. 3. Hands-on Experience: Children and their parents can work together during handmade pottery and ceramics DIY workshops under the guidance of professional craftsmen to create their own meaningful ceramic artworks. Sanxia’s indigo dyeing craft was resurrected through the efforts of local cultural leaders. Try your hand at dyeing cloth with natural plant dyes that have been passed down through the millennium to create a beautiful end product that brings back memories. Recommended here are art and culture destinations for young hipsters and families. Visit Sanxia and Yingge to experience the history and stories of these small towns.