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Recommended Itinerary along Taoyuan Airport MRT
Opened in February 2017, Taoyuan Airport MRT passes through Linkou, Taishan, Xinzhuang and Sanchong in New Taipei City, thus this section is dedicated to introducing essential tourist attractions and scenic destinations along the route. For instance, at the W & W Museum of Jewelry in Linkou, visitors can observe how skillful artisans apply ingenious designs to create dazzling jewelries and ornaments. At the Taiwan’s Socks Museum, visitors can obtain knowledge about the development history of socks and personally make their one-of-a-kind socks. The MRT line also passes through numerous temples and historic monuments, so travelers can experience the solemn ambiance of Taishan's Up Temple, Taishan's Down Temple and the Zhulinshan Guanyin Temple, as well as appreciate rare traditional cultural architecture. They can also visit the first major outlet in Taiwan - the Mitsui Outlet Park - and shopping paradise such as Jing-Guan Crown Plaza to enjoy an exhilarating shopping experience. Alternatively, they can admire the beauty of FJCU’s campus and taste gourmet delicacies around the school, or they can visit Sanchong to take in the natural scenery of the waterfront park and riverside dock. Traveling is a form of self-enrichment and experience. Hidden within New Taipei City's diverse culture, gourmet cuisine and historic monuments are various indoor and outdoor activities. We want to share these exciting travel information with everyone so that you can experience the latest local itineraries!