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One stop, two stops, three stops…, the train moves forward with a rhythmic sway. Watching out the window at scenes flying past, a traveler’s heart can always be touched by the moment. This is the fascinating charm of railroad traveling that cannot be replaced. The north horizontal stretch of Taiwan rail travels through many New Taipei City administrative areas, including Yingge, Shulin, Banqiao, Rueifang, Shuangxi, Gongliao, etc. In addition, there is the popular Pingxi branch that cannot be missed, and the coal mining village Sanchjia - from the Japanese colonial rule - also welcomes visitors in search of past glamor and distance from the hustles of life. Along the railway of New Taipei City, there are humanities, art and breathtaking scenes. There are also mouthwatering authentic delicacies and heartwarming hospitalities. Every stop is a surprise and inspiration. Only by personally embarking on this journey can one delicately savor and truly have a taste.