Houtong Cat Bridge Documentary
Houtong Cat Bridge, located in Ruifang, New Taipei City, used to be a land bridge used by locals to travel in and out of the area. The bridge was built by Taiwan Railway in 1970 when the train station was established. Since the "Cat Village" gained popularity in 2009, the number of tourists that used the station and land bridge to and from the village and coal-mine park increased. As more and more residents made complaints about the old narrow bridge, the New Taipei City Government decided to reconstruct the bridge and began making arrangements for the "Land Bridge between Houtong Train Station and Cat Village" project in 2012. The project consulted local residents and inserted the characteristics of the cat village, as well as the concept of local coal mine, cats, and tunnel to create a "cat bridge" with a unique design. Inside the bridges are traces of cats, photos, illustrations, and platforms for cats to pass through and jump on. The bridge was awarded the Public Construction Golden Quality Award in 2013.