New Taipei City Tourism Factories, On Demand!
Of all the cities and counties in Taiwan, New Taipei City has the greatest number of established factories, the number of which has now reached over 21,000. As the trend of industry transformation sweeps through Taiwan, many of these factories have evolved into tourism factories with unique features. The 23 tourism factories and cultural museums established in New Taipei City exhibit themes closely related to people’s daily lives, such as providing jewelry, socks, food, perfume, ceramic and so on. Now they also serve as great attraction sites for tourists to explore with not only their eyes, but also with their hands and minds; these tourism factories have something in store for everyone, regardless of age or gender! Six out of the 23 tourism factories further provide English guided tours, which removes language barriers and allow tourists from around the world to fully experience the local culture of New Taipei City on demand. New Taipei City sincerely welcomes friends from home and afar to visit and experience all the fun awaiting in these tourism factories! Make a reservation right now! ✔手信坊創意和菓子文化館 Shu Shin Bou Wagashi Museum +886-2-82620506 ✔亞洛美精靈國度 Aromate Wonderland +886-2-2677 2170 ✔許新旺陶瓷紀念博物館 Hsin-Wang Shu Ceramics Memorial Museum +886-2 - 26789571 ✔宏洲磁磚觀光工廠Hong Jou Tile Factory Museum +886-2-86782786#8 ✔光淙金工藝術館W&W Museum of Jewelry +886-2-86014430 ✔吳福洋襪子故事館 Taiwan’s Socks Museum +886-2- 26035008